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So we’re live with some white marlin obek hey guys in this video ok we want to start talking about adding additional income streams to your daily perpetual cash strategy additional income streams and once you start talking about an additional income streams into your daily perpetual cash strategy so I’m kind of what I’m going to do is I want to combine strategy with the additional income streams I told you guys that this was totally all about you and what that means guys you get in where you fit ok if you see this as a potential of to that you can use didn’t use this to plug into the future and pro as an additional income stream for yourself for the second video is called is your daily perpetual cash strategy income stream number three is the global money on God’s ok now if you guys look just above my head you’ll see that I’ve already upgraded to the bronze package ok and the reason why guys is because this is going to give you guys the ability to create even more leads okay if that’s what you’re looking for your business to create even more relationships to get more eyeballs on your field offers your business products and services only gonna pump is only going to make it better guys okay so what I’ve taken the liberty of doing out so we won’t take too much time is I want you to pay special attention to my money line is you can see if he is 40 8128 people guys already in my money ok now as a bronze member as opposed to being a free member i can now message 20 people at a time in that money line so i don’t have 40 8128 I can message 20 people at a time with the free membership guys you can only do it you can only take one of these people off inside of your money line at a time message but now i can message 20 at a time it’s only one time twenty dollar payment guys want to talk about has been additional income stream in your daily special cash strategy people can see and understand the power of these guys are not going to hesitate to upgrade for that one time fling dollars to chain that’s going to create an additional income stream for you not to mention the fact that you going to be able to get more eyeballs on all your products/services whatever you want to promote so guys pay special attention to this now you see what this number here is right i’m going to best 37 430 I’m sorry 37,000 457 because I’ve already been playing around here this morning guys and I were reading messages are quite a few people in my money line but that’s what we are now guys and also for the second time I’ve already written up add in my message you guys can see right here where I say how to create an additional income stream inside of your money line right okay that’s what my dad says I’m growing up you can put your link down here just make sure it starts with https you know you have to do that but once you do that guy’s your messages ready to go once I done that now i’m going to come over here to my money down and click send to all and want to send my message messages sent successfully guys to 20 people in my money like message is gone that particular messages i sent by the way redirect to a video that I did on youtube I want to go right off the block branding myself so that’s what I did you guys can send these messages to anything that you want a capture page if you want to generate leads or sales page which you on it whatever you want to do you can do that now watch this guy’s I’m gonna do it again well first of all patents to this number because this number has gone down now now it’s 37 438 I want to do it again send to all who is gone again guys now you see that number of 37,000 420 so I just said that message to another 20 people and my money that I can do this all day guys I’m gonna do it again boom message successfully said I can sit here guys in 15 minutes or maybe 20 I don’t know and messes my entire moneyline my entire 40 8131 pretty upper prospect moneyline i can do that all day i’m doing well I’ll do it in a minute do you see the power of this people do you understand the power of this do you understand how other and yet markers will realize and understand the power of it do you understand how this is going to be able to create an additional income stream inside of future pro or anything else you want but I’m just talking about future a pro that’s your vehicle this is just another 25 30 gallons of fuel guys okay it’s only a one-time twenty-dollar paper to upgrade to the bronze package that you guys don’t have to do that i encourage you to join right now because at some point in time guys if you join right now it doesn’t matter your money line is going to continue to grow with each passing day you see these names scrolling across the top of you guys those are people who either just joined in the last twenty-four hour who actually some joint as we speak that’s the power of the global moneyline guys and that’s the power of how fast this thing is growing so even if you don’t upgrade right now and some point in time guys a student of the game of Internet marker as a person who wants to become a master marketer as a person wants to get more eyeballs on your field officer is your primary business up in your products and services it’s a no-brainer to join even be join for free because every single day that goes by do join your money line will continue to grow so we talk about your daily professional cast strategy guys considered is your daily perpetual cat strategy income stream number three days these videos that I’m doing guys will be added to my daily perpetual cast strategy playlist you guys can access to pay players subscribe to the channel and go inside of here and add an additional income stream to your future and press to your vehicle right anytime you want now you can do that for the last ten dollars remember I told you guys we got a ten-dollar a pack back inside future a pro right now so anytime you want to add an additional income stream guys when we start talking about strategy come to my daily professional cash strategy playlist pick the income screen that you want getting where you fit go over to future a pro by yourself a ten-dollar a pact to ten dollar ad packs a fifty-dollar and pack whatever guys because now you’re leveraging your marketing ok that’s what the daily perpetual cash strategy is all about remember I told you this is not a business opportunity you guys are making a hundred and twenty percent right return on whatever you do inside of future a pro by a ten-dollar impact you gonna make twelve dollars back about $50 pack you’re gonna make sixty dollars back okay you’re getting that reward that return on your investment by doing well you’re surfing 10 ads once every 24 hours your income and starting to grow that’s the daily string of income we talked about in my daily perpetual care strategy that’s a daily string of possible accident ok and you know we talked about exponential income residual income if you starting to understand it starts to make sense to you will see how the daily passive residual exponential income how all those components start to fall into place again guys now every day going forward as i do these videos I’m going to talk about an additional income stream everyday but when i do guys it’ll be in my daily perpetual cash strategy playlist you guys subscribe to- go inside is all about you we want to add an additional income stream whatever it maybe go over the future and pro by yourself or ten dollar back the dollar a pack start making money all the way well that makes sense let’s do this one more time before I get out of here guys I’m gonna send I’m gonna take off 20 more and send that message to 20 more people inside of my global moneyline there goes guys is gone ok so far the goddess 60 60 or 80 it’s gonna get it goes it’s gone again guys and if you notice this number down the it continues to go down because down said 30 7361 but the point is i can see here and i can message my entire global moneyline guides with the cliq miles 20 people at a time to continue to get even more eyeballs on anything that it is i want to market if you don’t see the power of that right now guys that’s ok highlight this video in size you know put it in your favorite come back because at some point in time it’s going to make sense to you it doesn’t make sense to you now had to do that super excited super pumped about having a bronze package inside of global moneyline if it’s more leaves that you want fine it’s just more eyeballs on our YouTube videos that’s fine too it’s a great way to start branding yourself but whatever you guys there’s just no reason has to take remember guys are always telling you guys that momentum loves speed there’s no reason in the world for you guys not to set up your free global money on account right now today guys you’re gonna see me in another video me in the life of putting the rest of his website together guys for your daily perpetual cash strategy are I have not forgotten guys I’m still working on my free email marketing crash course to point o still putting the pieces of that puzzle and that website together lots of great things going on guys when I tell you guys that you can position yourself right now actually hit the ground running 2017 when it comes to making money online that’s exactly what I mean guys understand the holidays are here right now i’m super excited and pumped about that as well and I know you guys are too but this is a great time to position yourself to get ready okay but 2017 because be a great year it’s gonna be an explosive guys and it’s going to be the year that I take my daily perpetual cash strategy of the stratosphere that’s my plan guys come on go with me and follow me okay as always this is your boy-wallet open it with you guys wisdom peace prosperity and to living in internet lifestyle about limits good on guys set up free money line account today i’ll see you guys in the next video

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