The FASTEST Way To Make Money Online With No Experience As A Beginner

What is up guys welcome back to the channel Joaquin Corrales guys in this video We’re gonna learn how to make money online and the best part about this is that not a lot of people are doing this ok So it’s not something. That’s super Saturated in which there are millions of other people doing it which are gonna make it harder for you guys not a lot of people are doing this to make money online and Another thing is is that the limit of money that you could potentially make from this is very high So let’s jump into my computer and let’s get right into the top three things that I want to talk about on How you can start right after this video on making money online that by the end of this week you could be making upwards of a thousand dollars per month minimum So let’s jump into my computer alright guys so without wasting any time Let’s get right into it so what we’re gonna be talking about as far as making money online is gonna be Shopify email consulting Okay And what I’m gonna be going over in this video is exactly what you guys are gonna need to do to get started Doing this to make money online by the end of this video and the best part is that the amount of money that you can make Does not have a limit okay it all depends on how many customers you could hire Or you could work with at once, but the best part about that is that you’re going to be paid From these customers based on the results that you get them Okay, so it’s gonna be super easy to get a whole bunch of customers because you’re not going to have to pay you for Example on a monthly basis to begin when you begin doing this and I’m gonna explain in a second what I’m talking about They’re gonna be paying you based on the results that you get them and getting them results is extremely easy okay So let’s explain what Shopify is in case any of you watching this do not know so Shopify is an ecommerce platform And what that means is just a platform that people go online? And it makes it extremely easy for anyone to start up their own online store Now all email consulting is is just a really cool way of saying that you’re going to send emails to people who buy Certain products or to but or that buy products at all right, so there are a bunch of people out there There are millions of people with Shopify stores out there ok and these people that have Shopify stores They are not doing email marketing at all ok they are not sending emails to their existing customers so for example if you were to talk to someone who has a Shopify store And you want to sell them on the idea that doing Shopify email marketing Is the way to go and that you’re gonna do the consulting for them? This is what you explain to them, so what most people are doing right now is that they’re going on Facebook, okay? They’re going on Facebook, and they have a specific product So let’s say that this is the product that they’re selling okay products selling and what they’re doing is that they’re sending Traffic from Facebook to this product, okay, they’re sending traffic from Facebook to the product and let’s say that they’re spending five dollars right here and They’re making ten dollars back.

Okay, so they’re running advertisement. It’s going good They’re spending five dollars, and they’re making ten dollars back, but then what happens is that they’re going to have to spend more money To come back on Facebook and retarget that same customer right so come back to that same customer and get them to buy something else Whereas if they would go from Facebook? Okay so right here? We have Facebook again here We have their product if they were to send traffic to Facebook to the product Let’s say that they spend five dollars here And then they get $10 back again if they were to start doing email marketing with that Customer right with that customer that just bought and continue to build trust with them and sending them newsletters and sending them information Based on what products match with the product that they just bought and so on Then they’re going to generate more money from the same customer right because logically you’re staying in touch with him, right Because you’re emailing him you’re staying in contact They’re trusting you and so on and so this is the strategy and this is what you have to tell people when they say When they ask you like for example why should I do email marketing in my Shopify store and now a lot of people know about? this But one they’re not doing it because they feel that they’re not there yet Or they’re just lazy or they do not know where to start and the cool thing is is that all of this is made possible By a specific software, so I’m gonna link in the description Exactly what you guys are going to do when you get your first customer so when you get your first customer What you’re going to have to do in in this specific soft? We’re called contact flow in order for you guys to set all of this up right which is through templates So it’s extremely easy to set up is in another YouTube video that I created so I’m gonna send you to that video after this I’m also gonna link it in the description And what we’re gonna be focusing on in this video is gonna be how do we get our customers? Okay? How do we get customers? That are going to allow us to Do email marketing and email? Consulting in their online business because that is really the hardest part right because once they agree to this and they give you access Then you’re just gonna go to the other YouTube video and and follow the instructions as to what you’re going to be able to do So the reason why it’s gonna be a lot easier for us to get Customers is because we’re not gonna.

Do what some people out there doing which is that they’re charging a monthly fee, okay? They’re charging a monthly fee to do email consulting for these people We’re gonna do it a bit differently so what we’re going to do is that we’re only going to make money When we deliver results and now when you guys are going to realize is that the results are going to come extremely fast Because it only makes sense that if you’re retargeting people and if that you’re sending emails to people Offering them different products in the same store then they’re going to come back and they’re going to spend more money, right? the easiest way to Get someone to buy something from you is by offering them something right after they bought okay? And then the other YouTube video that I’m going to send you guys to after this you’re going to learn exactly how to do that So the results are going to come extremely fast and what you’re gonna Do is that you’re gonna go up to people that have Shopify stores right and you’re gonna tell them hey? I don’t want I’m gonna.

I want to do Shopify email consulting for you, but here’s the deal I haven’t done it for anyone yet, so I’m going to do it for free and What I want is I want from 20 right you guys could decide maybe you start off at 20 And then you go up to 40 I want from 20 to 40% of the profits For every sale that I bring in through email marketing And guys if you look at this you’ll realize that there’s no way that they’re going to say no, okay There’s no way that They’re going to say no because this is an extra 60 percent of Money that you’re bringing them that you bring into the table, okay? If you weren’t doing this then they would have not had the 60% of money so it only makes sense for them that they pay you based on the profits as opposed to a Monthly income or a monthly off fee that they may not initially feel comfortable with and now the real key here Is that once you do get results for people okay? Once you get results for people and you have these testimonials with people that are That are receiving a lot of value from what you’re doing then you could start charging a monthly fee plus Okay, a monthly fee plus a a Percentage of profits, okay, you could start charging both those And that’s when you really start making a lot of money like for example once you have a lot of results Let’s say that you want to be making.

I don’t know ten thousand dollars per month all you need is ten customers Paying you $1,000 a month right and it’s not only $1,000 a month there you have 10k a month right. That’s a 10k a month in revenue right there for you and The amount of time that you’re spending in this is not a lot because as you guys are gonna see in the other video that I’m gonna put in the description all of this is done through a software called contact flow Okay which I own and and in that software you’re gonna have one of the best Shopify apps to date forge for the system and Everything is automated so you’re gonna set this all up one time and you’re just going to come and take a look at it every once in a while So it’s super easy to get the 10k a month because all you need is 10 people paying you 1k But since you’re starting right you’re going to come here, and you’re going to tell them hey it’s going to be free I just want from 20 to 40 percent of your profits, and I’m gonna handle the rest okay And now where do you find the customers to be able to do this so the first place that you’re gonna find customers is in Shopify groups, okay, so you’re gonna go on Facebook And you’re gonna join every single group that has the word Shopify in it you’re gonna join every single one and what you’re going to do after they accept your invite or if they’re open then you’ll be inside already is that you’re Gonna start adding value to the group, okay You’re gonna start adding value to the group by helping people out in there answering questions and kind of giving the the vibe that That you’re interested in email marketing and Shopify and then what you’re gonna Do is there gonna reach out to the person who owns the group and you’re gonna ask them if you could offer? To do email consulting for free for people okay, and more than likely they’re going to say yes Because these group owners Just want people adding value in their in their group right so they’re gonna be like yeah of course so you’re gonna be able to post they’re Asking a whole bunch of different people there are groups with thousands of people whether you can do email consulting for them, okay And a lot of them are going to start DMing you they’re gonna start messaging you Because obviously it’s free like it’s money that they would otherwise not have and the best part is is that you could start for? absolutely zero because joining these groups is free and you have a 14-day free trial to the Software okay that you guys are gonna learn about in the other video On for everything that you need to do now the second place that you could find Customers is through referrals, okay? And this is this is this is a Really powerful one because what you’re going to do is that after you have your first couple of clients or your first client from the? Shopify groups that you were scavenging you’re gonna ask them for a referral because most of the time They have friends That also have Shopify stores that would like to do email marketing and you guys are gonna be so surprised at how many How little people are doing this type of email consulting for Shopify stores? And how much money you could ultimately make by doing it now the third place that you could find customers for your Shopify email Consulting is by actually messaging these people okay by messaging people that you know are into Shopify So in the Shopify group not only are you gonna be posting, but you could go around messaging people With a message that is obviously it doesn’t sound spammy maybe you’re like hey.

How’s it going man? I’m just I’m just new to the whole Shopify marketing thing. I just really want to add value I’ve gone through a whole bunch of different trainings on Email marketing and I want to be able to provide the service for free. I know what I need to do I have the software and I’m ready to go and once you tell people that you have the software and that you’ve had training what you’re doing for them is free so they’re up to ten times more likely to allow you to come into their store and Start doing work with that and and guys remember.

You don’t need to be an expert in this you just need to know enough and And come from a position where you know where you’re talking about and you’ve had the training to guide you through it I’m gonna link in the description to the other video where I’m gonna go on how you’re going to be doing these email marketing Tactics in the software once you do get a customer and in the description of that video. I also have a Training a free training for you guys Walking you step-by-step through the software that you’re gonna use to be able to do this so guys This is how you start making money online? If you’re not currently doing anything right now or maybe you are and you want an extra source of income And how you start making money online is by going to people that own Shopify stores, okay? Just an e-commerce platform, they own online stores And you offer them to do email consulting and remember when you’re just starting you’re gonna do email consulting for free okay So you’re gonna tell them hey, I’m going to do this for free all I want is from 20 to 40 percent of profits Okay, and guys they’re going to say yes, because this is money that they would otherwise not have okay, so make sure you guys go on to the next video so you can learn what you’re going to do after you have your First client, which you’re gonna find in Shopify groups You’re gonna find them do two referrals and you’re gonna find them by messaging people who are using Shopify who are doing things in Shopify? asking them if they know anyone and don’t more than likely refer you to someone who you’ll be able to help because remember you’re coming you’re not coming from a position of wanting to make a lot of money or you’re not coming from a position of wanting to charge a monthly fee right where you need to be coming from initially is a Position a position of you wanting to bring Value to these people okay? And that is why you’re doing it for free and you’re only charging from 20 to 40 percent Now after you have gotten results for other people then you could up your charge You could start charging more money and at that point getting clients to pay you $1,000 a month is a complete joke like that is Super easy to do at that point you only need 10 clients to make 10k a month and at that point you’re making a hundred And twenty thousand dollars a year, and you brand new business, okay? So guys hit a comment below on on If this helped you and what are their different types of videos you guys want to see from here I’m gonna focus within the next couple of videos to drill down on different ways that you guys could make money online Such as this and also different ones that I have not mentioned before and that I’ve seen that not a lot of people are Mentioning so guys make sure you hit the subscribe button make sure you hit a thumbs up alike And I’ll see you on the next one

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