Women’s Worst Online Dating Stories

So the bartender came over he’s like I think you should leave man like to the guy and then filled up my wine today we are sharing our online dating horror stories is there a theme because I probably have the story for every possible genre so I’ve been online dating off and on for years now you come across the same people on those apps quite often so I I went on a date with this guy I met him on tinder and he was late for the date and so I was just drinking alone at the bar talking to the bartender and then he gets there and he tried to like shove a cookie in my mouth and I didn’t even see him like it wasn’t like we knew each other I was just sitting there at the bar talking to the BART thing I know dessert okay weird is normally what a delightful treat so he says Darren he was like so what do you do am i coming I like really like comedy I’m a writer he was like oh yeah I wanted to do that when I was young too I’m like you’re like two years older than me he was like you should stop doing comedy and work for the government because it pays well and I was like drunk at this point because he wasn’t there so I was drinking wine at the bar I was like arguing with him kind of I thought I was being cute and then he’s like hey I’m entitled to my opinion and I was like absolutely I’m entitled to think your opinion is dumb and then he stood up and said you’re a bit I’m leaving and I took my wine glass I went to go throw it in his face but it was empty so the bartender came over he’s like I think you should leave man like to the guy and then filled up my wine and then I was properly drunk and as I was leaving I was like you know who my Rangers to the bartender so I didn’t leave him my number but I did call him the second I got outside it was like hey could I stop to the bartender did not get a call back from the bartender I was a lush who got called a bitch on a date not really that hey I want to make a mom out of her I was on tinder and I see this a very attractive woman and I’m like oh like you seem dope they’re traveling from and and and they were just leaving literally so we couldn’t even meet and hang out so then we we kept on talking I watched so much catfish that I probably should have like looked up something right I think I really just wanted someone to talk to and so we’re having a lot of conversations and this goes on for a month and a half I would say so I had no plans on going to London and they were like oh my job sending me back to LA I was like dope oh my gosh we should hang out and they were like yeah where should I get an Airbnb so then I went on my Facebook fan page and I get like a lot of direct messages so I was looking at them from strangers and one was like hey do you know so-and-so and I was like yeah she then sent me this whole like paragraph of like this person has been lying to you at work she was saying that she was going to LA to move in with you and that she planned on staying with you and isn’t coming back here and you guys are in love and I was like uh-uh like I’m quick to fall in love but I don’t I’ve never even met this person in real life and so I immediately was like Bosch and then I was like thank you for this and then never talk to them again literally I just cut it off and we even moved our conversation from tinder to whatsapp so that was like a step all to find out that this person was lying to everybody in saying that they were gonna come and live with me in LA a couple years ago went on a date when we matched he didn’t have any like very obvious features that made him stand out there was just something about him that I was like hmm this seems familiar when I got to the date I immediately realized that I had been on a date with him before like five years ago it wasn’t a good day you know it was a super awkward weird date but I’m stupid enough to show up again I sort of made up a character for myself so that he will realize that he had also been a date with me it’s kind of an acting experience at one point I let slip that I had a sister out here and because I’m British that stands out and I saw his face change and he sort of it and so to start rambling to make him like not think about that it was like boy how many dogs do you have at the end of the day you know we said goodbye luckily it wasn’t a very long day because again we didn’t really click hence I’d forgotten him in the first place I got a text from him and he was like you know he just realized something really funny we’ve been a date before and I was like oh god please don’t but if you admit that you know who I am that means you also know that I lied about every single thing that you watched and that was the last time I ever saw him surprisingly if he watches this I’m really sorry people you know married yeah I feel like I have learned to meet people in person I feel like I’ve also learned not to trust people so easily feel online dating it’s a lot to remember so maybe if you go on a date with someone maybe take a screenshot of their profile and keep it somewhere safe that sounds like a bit of a psycho thing to do but it was safe you’re getting in the situation I going the lesson I learned was to definitely not continue a date with someone who wears a neon band on their watch as an adult that’s a that’s a red flag you know like kids be safe out there I know we’re all trying to be loved and should just be safe also try not to make up an entire personality for yourself on a date to save embarrassment because it will come back and bite your nails

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