3 Secrets That Will Make You Rich

Improvement pill here i’ve spent a fair amount of time interacting with millionaires throughout the course of my life and today i’m gonna reveal to you three secrets three powerful concepts that these extremely wealthy people are using to their advantage every single day and it’s only making them richer and richer so make sure you pay attention and watch this video till the very end if you are serious about ever making it the first secret that will make you filthy rich is the concept of outsourcing the truth of the matter is we all share the same amount of hours every single day a millionaire entrepreneur and someone who works in McDonald’s both have just 24 hours to spend how is it that the millionaire is able to accomplish so much more and make so much more money well it’s all due to outsourcing outsourcing is when you hire someone else to do tasks that you would prefer not to do for example recently I hired a bunch of artists to handle the artwork and animation for my channel the animation of each video usually requires a lot of my time ranging anywhere from three to six hours per video by outsourcing this work I’m able to focus more of my time and energy on the more crucial things to growing my business such as creating new streams of income or making business deals behind the scene by focusing my energy and time on these things I’m actually able to make a lot more money than what I pay these artists for they’re say six hours of work for example I might be paying them five hundred dollars for their work but in those same six hours that I save I’m able to pull some strings and make $2,000 from a business deal and what I’m doing is actually considered child’s play compared to the filthy rich because the filthy rich use outsourcing on a whole nother level I know quite a few millionaires who try to outsource as many things as possible in their lives they hire maids to clean for them chefs to cook for them drivers to drive for them and by outsourcing all of these menial tasks they essentially become four to ten times as productive as the average person they can spend the majority of their time planning on ways to grow their business as compared to doing all the dirty work now there’s probably two questions on your mind right now after learning about outsourcing number one how do I even make enough money to outsource my work and number two if I outsource my work and have more time on my hands how do I make sure that I accomplish more with this extra time which brings us to the second secret that will make you filthy rich which is something called high income skills a high income skill is a skill set that will make you on minimum one hundred thousand dollars per year which roughly translates to about $50 per hour if you are working full time but a good high-income skill the type of high income skill that the filthy-rich develop should make you significantly more than that for example one of my high income skills is coaching over the years I’ve helped a lot of people improve their lives over the phone it’s possible to book my time and ask me anything you want about any area of your life and then I do my best to set you in the right direction this is a powerful service that provides a lot of value now I started doing these phone calls with people at the rate of $50 per hour but over time as the demand increased I was able to raise that price significantly now I charge a rate of $500 per hour for an over-the-phone consultation how am i able to charge so much well I have a skill set that brings a lot to the table if you speak to me over the phone chances are you will gain a lot of valuable information chances are you will make progress towards fixing your problems and people are willing to pay good money to fix their problems the filthy-rich understand the importance of high income skills and actively work on developing multiple ones over the course of their career having high income skills in their arsenal is very important because it allows them to fund their other projects it allows them to create money on demand for example if their business is ever suffering and they need to inject more money into the business they can simply go out and sell their hours for large amounts of cash on top of that they can make money on the man to outsource the other menial tasks in their life which in return will give them even more time to make even more money now some of you might be wondering well improvement pill how do I develop my own high income skill well you’re in luck because I’m actually gonna be hosting a free training very soon teaching you guys about one of the most powerful high income skills I’ve come across this is a skill that can be learned in a relatively short amount of time and can make you a lot of money in fact I was able to make sixteen thousand dollars with just four hours of work only weeks after learning this skill set all you have to do in order to sign up for this free training is click on the link in the description box below the third and final secret that will make you filthy rich is what’s called ROI return on investment when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur trying to build a business online I went down on what’s called the free route there’s a decent amount of information available online for free and I figured that I could just consume this stuff and somehow find success I tried this method for about six months and I wasn’t able to make a single I actually lost a couple thousand dollars it wasn’t until I sat down and decided to pay money for a course that I was finally able to make some money the truth of the matter is most of the high-quality information most of the insider secrets that will actually get you results have a price tag attached to it that’s just how the world works the quality of information in paid for courses is significantly better than the quality of information in free resources and it’s for obvious reasons the creators of painful courses have the incentive to create valuable content or else they risk losing their customers the poor may squeal when looking at a price tag for a five thousand dollar course but someone who has a rich mindset will look at it as an investment but think to themselves wow I wonder what sort of information is in this course that justifies such a high price point it must be something that will make me a lot of money they see this $5,000 investment as something that could potentially make them twenty five or even fifty thousand dollars in return and this mindset doesn’t just apply to paid for courses the rich seen networking books and even traveling as forms of investment they’re constantly thinking about what they will get in return for sacrificing their time and money on certain things now you might be wondering well what if I can’t afford to invest in an expensive course well that’s why you have to develop a high income skill in order to make money on demand and then invest it back in yourself and these are the three secret tricks that will make you filthy rich the filthy rich understand the importance of outsourcing their work so that they have more time every single day to focus on the important things they also understand the importance of developing high income skills being able to trade your hours for large sums of money which will allow you to outsource more of your work and also fund your other projects and finally they understand the importance of return on investment they are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on products courses and events that could potentially make them ten times or even a hundred times their initial investment I may have just revealed these secrets to you but the truth of the matter is you’re not gonna become very rich unless you take some steps right now like I mentioned before I’ll be hosting a completely free training with no strings attached on a very powerful high income skill that I really think could change your life all you have to do is click on the link in the description box below to secure your seat besides that guys stay tuned

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