How To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

do you ever run into this problem you get up you pour your coffee you put on your shoes you get ready for work it’s going to be a great day you kiss the pups you start to head out the door and then you stop because you know that they’re going to whine all day that they’re going to bark all day that they’re going to get into things you come home and this is the conversation was it you Zoey Zoey why won’t you look at me was it you were you in on this too soon blip was it you flip if you’re anything like my household of pets this happens to you so I thought I’d compiled 14 ways to keep your dog busy while you’re at work if you watch my vlogs on a regular basis you know that I love pets and I also love life hacks and efficiency and effectiveness and just solving problems so I thought I’d put this together and also I have a little bonus at the end let’s get started on this special edition vlog great first don’t worry about taking notes on this I wrote a blog so you can go get all the details I put it all down below I even put links to the products if you want to go check them out now with some of these tips is going to take a little time in preparation but to start I’m going to give you a couple that are very simple you can do in no time at all first turning on the television it’s really simple to just turn on the TV obviously Animal Planet’s a great network or any sort of animal show because if they hear barking or howling it’s it’s just going to keep them more engaged but it’s just an ambient noise it’s kind of like if if you leave the fan on at night and it helps you fall asleep it’s very similar to dogs it’ll it’ll distract them from noises that might be happening outside tip number three fill a toy with peanut butter and freeze it or throw some treats in there it’ll keep your dog busy for quite a while alright now here’s a good one that I came up with to work with the dogs instead of against the dogs I know that as soon as I shut that door one of my dogs is going on a scavenger hunt I mean she is checking every corner every nook and cranny of the house to find anything she can get into so what do I do I take some pieces of kibble or some little bro trees and I put them in areas that are safe that that she can’t farm anything so that she’s going to those areas to find those trees it keeps her occupied she continues to check the house and it redirects her to safe areas where she can’t get into trouble just be cautious with that one you know if your dog chews your shoes obviously don’t put to put kibble in your high heels if you wear high heels now number five isn’t for everyone but you know you’re doing and if your dog has some anxiety a calming treat a day isn’t going to be a bad thing I like them in soft shoes because then the tree is the actual calming to there they’re perfectly safe obviously if you have any concerns check with your bed but check out the link below for the ones that I use for one of my dogs that sometimes has some anxiety puzzles who doesn’t love a puzzle if you want to take that scavenger hunt to the next level put treats or kibble inside puzzles some of my favorites are the Nina audison toys she’s got an entry level all the way up to very complex depending on how intelligent or or crafty your dog is getting those I would recommend it it can keep them busy for hours ok now this next one is hands-down my favorite and I’ll tell you why but first I’m going to tell you what it is freeze your dog Street it takes them a little bit longer in the summertime it’s really great because it helps keep them cool but the reason it’s my favorite is it takes work on your part you’ve got to eat the ice cream that is if you use an ice cream container I do for obvious reasons I think you know why this one’s my favorite I would specifically recommend Ben and Jerry’s half-baked it just seems to work better and if you need any help with that project let me know I’ll come right over okay back to the dogs I’m gonna give you the next three all in one bunch because I see people getting overwhelmed with this higher dog walker take your dog to daycare or schedule a playdate and we like routine and we’re creatures of habit so what do we start doing right away we start saying I need a dog walker every day or I need to take my dog to daycare every day or I need to schedule a playdate every day but you don’t have to do it every day and you can mix those up for example I’ve got a boxer that’s really high-energy and I walk him and I run him as much as I can but he will always outpace me so he goes to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays gives him a chance to socialize play with other big dogs and he comes home completely worn out it’s amazing number 12 focuses on the right twos to give your dog if you’re going to give your dog a chew on a regular basis but make sure you use some dental chews it’ll keep them busy it helps promote clean teeth does your dog have a favorite toy I don’t mind you but sometimes it’s really important to introduce a new toy do they have curiosity just like us and while they often have their favorite it’s really important for them to try something new it’ll keep them busy even if you rotate in one a month it’ll make up it’ll make a big difference number 14 the last one it’s a simple one and it keeps them slightly busy but I like to add this one in because it definitely causes my dogs to get up more often and be more active and drink more water using a water fountain there’s something about that sound that reminds dogs to go drink I noticed with my dogs they definitely drink more water with a water fountain so check that out I would highly recommend it it’ll get them up a little bit more often but it’ll make sure that they’re drinking enough water okay I hope some of those 14 tips are helpful and I also want to know what you’re doing with your dog that works and make sure you leave a comment down below because of everyone loves learning about these things and I’m sure you have some great ideas that we all like to hear don’t forget to subscribe and like this if you like videos like this and now my bonus tip this is hands down the one that I do when I have time to prepare or I really need to keep a dog piss I deploy the bonus basket it’s like a 7-layer dip for dogs right you can have toys in there you can have treats you can pack clothes you can do whatever to pack things in there so this your dog has two treasure hunt to find those certain things you could take a handful as those 14 items put them all on this treasure hunt and let your dog spend the day just discovering okay I hope you enjoyed those tips I will see you tomorrow because I gotta get door know about to leave already pack games with me I’m not really asking we’ll get away to a place where we don’t know the world in action well we can be live with no distractions get away

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