Okay so this is gonna be a Spanglish or what um yeah why not? sure hey guys welcome back to my channel um for today’s video I have a special guest my pops hi guys um today we’re going to be doing the my dad does my makeup challenge so I have all my makeup out here and he doesn’t know much about makeup so he’s gonna be doing my makeup and I can’t tell him anything so let’s see how this goes are you ready well not really but that’s right okay okay okay I don’t know what is this for but well not gotta cause I didn’t it description okay so mmm I’m talking about thing has a description of like what it is I’m also we’re gonna be speaking Spanish and English in this video just cuz those are two languages so yeah okay so what did you get I know face primer okay so let’s see Milani prime light so I don’t know which way i can use it or what watching everything she’s laughing the whole time hey guys every time I film a video share their snapchats me or she does some watches me and laughs so yeah I hope I’m doing the right thing okay pause it now okay guys our neighbors had a party yesterday and oh my gosh all right if I guess I’m done with this thing I guess what is this I didn’t bring my glasses guys those like awkward that says browse by Lee’s shape and fill or do this this is naturally radiant concealer okay I just um geez I don’t know well we’ll see thank you know it’s not like coconut you can your mom cutting paper in the best hashtag snatched oh my gosh so Iactually bought a $70 foundation okay it was like $60 but that was like it September last year and now it’s like not even my shade because I’m so white from the winter um I’m gonna have to use this again nothing it’s definitely a challenge for me so maybe one like hold my meter want my hair anything well this week I found some questions for dad okay dad how did he feel when you found out that you were gonna be a father with me or with jr.

Because with you oh I got this one I was very excited since I have my first son already it’s really excited feel really emotional obviously I didn’t know what was gonna be a girl well it was pretty hard pregnancy if they do my math with you yeah okay the last thing that I was really worried about whether you were to be a boy or girl yeah it’s because I was a premature baby I was born at six months instead of mainland so I didn’t reach the fourth term tinted brow mascara so that’s pretty brown no I mean you’re but I’m not there Yeah right no I don’t think so yeah I told you my sister just hit her head it is translucent loose setting powder so oh you have brushes you too what you want to use okay and what is this that is medium to full coverage foundation no it in you sure you’re okay with that yeah okay so we said this is for the we said for ourselves for pros like this friendly mm-hmm okay better case this was perilous eh mm-hmm lady mother so no where’s the I was excited knowing that I was gonna be pairing again well like she said it was really hard but anyways when she born I was pretty but it rough born it was labor for like 18 hours so pretty pretty so anyways um after that she came out and it was pretty pretty bad cuz we all we got before was like all negative place she’s not gonna be okay she’s gonna be I’m so many deformations and so on anyways problems but thing that she’s here and she’s doing okay that’s why a lot of people ask why I’m so small that’s one of the reason why because I was a bit what is this la girl Pro concealer high definition consider these anything she’s good okay I’ll go no me gusta now that I got your foundation they’re like why you lookin too white look I don’t think these second maybe I’m a paladin okay can discuss it knees up wanna go say where’s our Punto in Beijing describe your relationship with dad oh my gosh my relationship with my dad is so awesome he’s my best friend and this is what too faced chocolate soleil bronzer no ok what about if I see it once yet okay guys here in this my yup that okay like I don’t know but my relationship with my dad is awesome right I know that we I have lots of trust in each other and I can talk to him about anything same way sorry can you pass me Juanito porque yo peon song is like a comfy emotional throw my pony lokasya Becca shimmering skin perfector champey pop highlighter and this is Amina okay um the question was how often do you see your dad spend time with your dad on the weekends it’s more time than on the weekdays because he works during the week so yeah I see you mostly I still see them during the week week but it’s just later this Greg how you are alike you’re like your father oh we’re very emotional mm-hm so I I’m a little crybaby but it’s okay you know there’s nothing wrong with crying I think that’s something that a lot of people were very like but it’s like super normal um we’re very like to say open I think it’s just something that we’ve grown into lowly Nydia I mean me esperen I can tell you this much she looks beautiful without anything but she’ll insist in doing this and what is this birthday okay party Amazonian clay blush what has been your best memory with each other oh my gosh dude no look what if you you’re Amy – yeah um with you I would say probably building my bike that I got for Christmas when I was like five I got a bike for Christmas and it was like pink and we were building it like that morning like I remember that very vividly and then going to the Dorinda concert I’m going to the Justin Bieber concert Kim is and the mascot Cynthia oh the question is was a who’s the most spoiled child well I can tell you this really quick and I can tell you that in fact all of you guys oh my god just trying to start an argument there’s no way that we can an argument on that all my kids to me they’re being treated equally with their respective ages so the oldest one get more chance to do more things second one has certain chances to do things my little one another plate right there yet but she will be mom okay okay fine lash sensational like should make it bigger nice sticker yeah yeah my lashes donker I think that’s all Baby Lips I don’t know let me find out close your eyes Collective where do you see Angie in the future I see her anywhere she wants it to be cuz there’s no limit on what she can there’s no limit on what she can do she can do anything she wants and so she’s concentrated and do not lose focus of what she needs to be done she’ll be anywhere she wants to be do you keep going down way yeah it’s like you know when you were little and wouldn’t even try to give me food and you’re like faces thousand crazy childhood stories so crazy when I was born because I was premature and everything the doctors sure didn’t want to help me or they wouldn’t so my mom was basically like if you guys I’m taking my daughter to Mexico where they can probably do something better than you can um so I went to Mexico in the first three years of my life um I lived in Mexico because I was always going to the doctor and stuff like that and so obviously my first thing which was Spanish my mom speaks Spanish as well and when I got back to the United States because I was obviously born here in California oh when I got back my English wasn’t that good so when I was enrolled into kindergarten I wouldn’t speak English that well and I remember one time so because you know when you’re a kid like you don’t know how to say things so just make up your own freaking language one time I was driving with my dad well I wasn’t dark my dad was driving and I was like in the passenger seat and I felt like he was gonna crash but instead of saying crash I said watch out I said watch out you’re gonna choke because in Spanish to crash his truck God so I said choke because I felt the thought of the translation um I remember one now she was later as she was that bad about three years and you know mine wasn’t sales she was still in telling you know I mean now I’m interiors and okay this she it was imitating her mom on sale so she grabbed his phone all of a sudden she was telling me no she was she was cute I’m just kidding Oh shoes and then we’re not too much of this yeah I don’t know if I can take it off I think I’m done I’m done yeah definitely I’m done so they say Kay yeah yeah okay I bet oh okay well my highlight is pop in like I said I shot a very creative he put a blanket pop of color with the lipstick I have actually never used this lipstick so I think I’m gonna use it to summarize I think it’s not even um okay I like the highlight in the bronzer because it’s not too much like I’m still glowing all right well I guess if I can do this often I guess I can get better yeah if you watch more videos I guess I’m just saying like if you watch my makeup story and then people pick up on it it’s just a look um I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did give it a big thumbs up oh I give you a six out of ten hold on wait a minute you said seven oh yeah so another ten seven out of ten and yeah mom kept being tough all righty which is the melon bye guys yeah good to be here or ever if you ever have a questions about maybe I don’t want someone to do stuff no but about this one obviously is not my forte bye guys

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