Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

What’s up guys oh, I just realized this on my damn drink they wrote we love you Nobody’s ever brought me a cute message on my drink before It tastes better now okay, I’m not gonna lie that’s cute, but we ain’t doing cute today We doing stupid like really stupid. I know a couple people like this We got this girl right here who posted my sister’s pregnant I can’t wait to find out if I’m gonna be an aunt or an uncle It’s a girl if the baby is a boy, I’ll be an uncle if the baby is a girl, I’ll be an Aunt I’ll be on doesn’t work like that Oh, so I don’t get to choose if I’m an aunt or an uncle Then we got someone over here, who did the signs for an apartment thirst floor Hohoo i wanna live their.

Fourst floor Fifst floor sixsthsts Floor 6th floor yeah that one’s right. This is the baby Bell You know the cheese that has like a wax coating and this motherfucker just Took a bite out of it without peeling the damn wax off. Let me eat the whole thing you uncultured swine um Excuse me, sir. I think you’re supposed to open the umbrella look if you like don’t want to get what I mean I can’t understand this dude Sometimes I’m too lazy. I I can’t be bothered to open the damn umbrella. I most of the time I can’t be bothered to even use the umbrella, so this dude is just lazy Dude I got you. class of two zero one five two zero one five you couldve just spelt it out I’m I’m I’m pretty sure that’s not how Roman numerals work I think the scariest part about having triplets is having to be pregnant for 27 months What I think is scary is that people who’s dumb are having kids like did y’all not learn anything in school If you were pregnant for 27 months, it’s like one baby can grow at a time it’s like by the time the third baby’s done the first baby would be like two and a half years old I Can’t live this guy so bill came out to 164 dollars at 82 cents He crosses nah.

I ain’t got the for 82 man. Let me just make it 160 and just cross it off. I I choose the price customer is always right? If I want this bill to say 160 flat because that’s all I got I don’t have more than that I’m gonna make it 160 flat. Okay. I have seen this done before this shirt is for sale for $and they put a sale sticker that says $40 yeah because if it’s got zeros it costs less. I said my name was marked with a c’ So he put karke. Yeah, you said Mark with a c’ technically it is mark with the C Jack said why do women never have to take a DNA test to see if it’s theirs um Well, I’m not an expert on baby-making or anything, but I’m pretty sure it comes out of them, so I don’t know the baby could not be hers.

I don’t know man. Why do they have to take a DNA test I really hope this is the UK flag or otherwise it was a waste of $25 She bought the damn Confederate flag folk case it’s like she wasn’t even sure Hmm, this kind of looks like England’s flag, but I’m not really sure If close enough right the worst part is she has the iPhone if you’re not a hundred percent sure You can look things up. Why would you draw little penises on your foot? Huh? Oh, they’re chefs hats. I had done on my toes before going to the conference Maybe look at it after you got him done Hmm this kind of looks phallic, maybe I should get it fixed.

No everybody’s gonna See your toes and be like yeah, that’d be like yes Oh, I heard it was fine putting your phone in the microwave to charge it my charger broke yesterday And my battery was pretty low, so I thought I’d give it a go this happened Don’t buy nice things for stupid kids kids in Africa couldn’t be in that phone I’m wondering is this legit are there really people that’s dumb Hmm, maybe if I put in the microwave it’ll charge it it kind of works the same way, right OMG. I just heard that China is 12 hours ahead of America. Why didn’t they warn them about 9/11 that is such bull? You China like 3 billion people died I need a drink? Laura first of all fix your damn eyebrows before you start talking about China and 9/11 and 3 billion people done Holy, that’s like a third of the population of the earth three billion people well Why did in China warn America if they’re 12 hours ahead? Dad I feel like a lot of people on Twitter think this way Like I’ll tweet good morning, and they’ll be like It’s nighttime And they’ll get mad at me like what is she saying good morning for it’s nighttime here What does she mean what’s wrong with her? I’m gonna tell you right now their time zones different places around the world Have different times and just because it’s nighttime for you Doesn’t mean it’s nighttime for everybody in the world.

I know it’s crazy People don’t seem to know that What is this? I do not get it, please explain cap are you calling me an orange branch? I am so confused Take a second Santa Branch Orange stick huh? What could it be trying to tell me? Fantastic Fanta stink Get it excuse me, that’s not how it works Somebody posted their damn social security card finally my social security card nice.

Good job It’s like that one girl that posted or debit card like I got a new debit card Here’s the number how could y’all steal my identity, if y’all don’t look like me it won’t work That’s funny, man, that’s funny sometimes when I close my eyes, I can’t see Some people just don’t deserve to have internet You know my children is Mexican American up until Sunday Their skin was tan just by seeing by being born well Sunday I let them play in the swimming pool And that was just put up out of box no chemicals chlorine just plain water And this is what happened they turned 20 times darker almost if if they had dirt embedded In their skin as anyone else’s child done this or should I be concerned because this is after a bath And it still didn’t come off does it look like a rare skin condition It’s retarded Your sorry ma’am your kids are gonna die take him to the ER like right now.

It’s a really rare case of tan I honestly can’t believe people are that stupid, but then I think of the time that my aunt called my mom Asking what the difference between odd and even numbers for her kids homework. It’s why because she watches my videos It just made some cinnamon rolls Livin them does my favorite kind when you go to school too much Somewhat 3d printed a Save button I Love the future you guys probably don’t know what that is huh we had those when I was in school. Yes, you should get vaccines So what if that makes your kid artistic that don’t always mean? He’s gay Again these people should not have kids I know that pics are all blurred out, but if you see any of these people don’t have a baby with them Okay, another one doesn’t take 18 months for twins to be born or 9 y’all never paid attention in biology Huh when I learned about the Hall of cost in history class.

It was so sad Hall of cost yeah man the Hall of cost was so sad This is a good thing that Halloween didn’t fall on the 13th of this year because I would be scary What a great moon, it’s a damn street light yeah Going to all of your garden yeah, you go to all of that garden I love eating it all love garden dogs can’t talk So do they have brains I mean I know they walk, but it’s only because we are telling them to walk hashtag idk uh-huh So if I tell my drink to jump on my head Will it do it because it has a brain or because I’m telling it to? There’s no eyein happiness.

Well. If you spelt it right there would be Am I the only person you think Duane Johnson looks like the rock Yeah, man they look like the same am I older than my older sister She’s born in 1992 and I was born in 1998 am I older than her or not Since my year. I was born is bigger, but hers is longer. I’m a girl if that helps I Don’t know too much maths for me by anyway.

That’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that I like but on the face add subscribe. You’re the Wolfpack I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys .

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