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Everybody, be cool. You, be cool. All right, guys, what movie that had come from? One of my favorite horror movies. Let me know if you guess it down in the comments. But, it begs the question what does it mean to be cool? In today’s video, I’m going to talk about what it means to be cool and give you ten tips to be cool instantly. Tip number one to being cool is to not try too hard to be cool. I know it kind of a little bit of reverse psychology there. But, I think what — if you think about what is uncool, what is not cool is someone begging someone pleading somebody standing in the corner fidgeting or looking really nervous or sweating.

Think of James Bond. He’s in a fire fight, is he ever sweating? Does he ever look nervous? No, he always looks like he’s in control. He’s speaking slowly, he never loses sight of what his goal is. If you want to look cool walking into at a party, well, you’re going to have to practice doing that. Maybe you’re going to go to events that are smaller, but once you start to practice doing this, you don’t worry about how you’re walking, you don’t worry about how you’re looking or what how are the people are perceiving you and you can come off as more cool. So, remember guys, don’t try too hard. Tip number two, stand up straight or when you’re seated, sit comfortably like you would at home. Now, I’m not talking about manspreading here, but what I don’t want you to do is I don’t want you to slump over. I don’t want you to when you’re seated try to basically hide yourself.

A lot of people do this and they don’t even know they’re doing it and what happens is they send a signal of weakness. Weakness is not cool. Tip number three, wear a pair of sunglasses. Guys, you notice when I put on these shades, I instantly like the level of coolness shot up, okay. Maybe that didn’t happen, but there’s two reasons why shades are going to make you look cool. And number one is it’s going to make you more mysterious. People can’t see the eyes, they’re instantly going to take a more of an interest simply wondering if you are looking at them.

This can translate into them paying more attention, therefore your coolness is going to go up a bit. Also, celebrities movie stars when we see them out in public, what are they wearing? Shades, sunglasses. So, especially the classics, we’re talking aviators, wayfarers, club masters, all of these have an association with coolness. So, you want to find the right frame for your face, but you want to also find the right brand for you. Guys, I’m going to recommend Degree Seven. I’m going to link to them down in the description. I’ve got a great discount code, but this company is the sponsor of this video. And I can tell you these are these are easily $400 lenses selling for one-third the price.

They’re over in Chicago, they have the lenses. These are Carl Zeiss lenses. I love the fact that they use really high quality lenses out of Germany, the actual frame is from Italy. It’s all assembled in Poland. And, they’ll ship it anywhere in the United States for free. International, you have to check with their website. But, overall, the titanium — so my kids have gotten a hold of these. I mean look at this right here. I’m moving this around, adjustable nose piece, a lot of things I love about this company. I’ve got two pairs, I’ve worn these for about six months. I tested them out and I can tell you guys easily some of my favorite shades. So, definitely go check them out. Tip number four, wear a leather jacket. So, I’ve talked about it before, but leather jackets leather in general sends a signal of strength and masculinity.

Let’s go to Hollywood. Indiana Jones, we’re going to see any of these, you know, guys in Top Gun, pilots from adventurous what kinds of jackets do we see them wearing? Leather. It’s durable, it’s tough, it’s been around for a long time. And you can only it doesn’t have to be just jacket, you can bring in the shoes, you can bring in too maybe your bags. So, all of these things besides actually being a very durable, something that’s going to stand up to the test of time, something that is going to be great for an investment piece, it also is going to make you look cool. Tip number five, grow a bit of stubble. So, when they compared clean-shaven to a man with about two to three days of stubble with a beard, you know, there each of them they found certain characteristics, but what they found with a man that grew the stubble is he was more attractive and he came off as being more cool. Now, they weren’t able to figure out how to attribute like why they thought he was more coo.

I think it has to do when you see a guy with a bit of stubble, you know, okay, like he’s either got his own company, he’s working in a job that he can decide to grow a beard or basically this guy is sending signal, he’s outside the . In any case, growing stubble is going to make you look cool. Tip number six, find a well-fitted pair of jeans and when I say well-fitted, guys, I mean it should fit you right in the waist, in the hips, and in the thighs. If necessary, get them hemmed to adjust the length. You don’t want to have, you know, any fray or anything on the back.

The key is get the fit right, find a brand that works for you and then, go get a few variety of colors. Now, maybe there are certain colors you want to stay away from, maybe a 1980 stonewash, don’t get anything that’s slashed up and looks like you’re coming from a 1990’s rock concert. But, the point is is maybe try some maroons, maybe go with a pair of black, maybe a light gray, maybe a dark indigo blue. I love a dark blue washed, I think that that’s going to look best on most men.

It’s going to be a very interchangeable. The key is nail that fit, maybe go with a dark color and you’re going to have something that is timeless that’s a classic. Now, in most men’s wardrobes and because of its association with the rebel and, you know, Americana it definitely has a good cool factor. Tip number seven to be cool is to assume that people like you. When you walk into a room, don’t sabotage yourself. Don’t say, oh, my gosh people are going to hate me and they aren’t going to like me or they’re going to not like my voice, maybe not like the way I’m dressed. Go in and assume the best of people that they are just like you that they are they’re there to network or they’re there to meet people, they’re there to have a good time.

Put out your hand, introduce yourself, talk to people, and really just have a good time and assume that they will like you. And the funny thing is when you assume they’re going to like you, oftentimes they do and your coolness factor shoots up. Tip number eight, understand the rules and then have the courage to break them. So, one of the things I teach is that you need to have a strong foundation in men’s style. Guys should understand why we dress what the dress codes are, but once you understand all of that and then you understand your position the message you’re wanting to send, you can go out there and break those rules. So, if you’re going to go into a conference and yet, everyone else is going to be wearing a suit, but you’ve got a message you’ve got a company that let’s say is in the Western sphere. Well, nothing wrong with you actually wearing a cowboy hat with a dark pair of black Wranglers and maybe a really nice suit jacket and cowboy boots.

Yeah, you know you’re going to stand out, but you know what? That fits your brand, that fits your company, and if it’s going to help people remember you and people approach you and it’s going to build it’s sending the message you want to send, well, then break those rules. Tip number nine, know people. So, have you ever seen that guy, he walks into a club, walks into a bar and he knows the bouncers, he knows the bartenders, he knows everyone that’s serving, he knows tons of the patrons. He’s able to go around shake hands give hugs and I mean it’s just everyone seem to approve of this guy, instantly his cool level has shot up. Basically, what this is doing is it’s using the environment to send signals that you are accepted that you are a high value person and all of this can work in your favor to build up your level of cool.

So, one of the best things I think that a man can do is actually do some preemptive work. Maybe go to a place or frequent a place and actually build relationships. In certain cases, tip people well so they remember you so they, you know, talk with them treat them with respect, know their names and use them. All of this is going to build up your cool level especially in an environment like a bar or a club. Tip number ten, know when to drop the cool. And, guys understand being cool all the time is not cool. That’s not a normal human being. It’s okay sometimes to be vulnerable. It’s okay sometimes to open up. It’s okay sometimes to really just connect with people to listen and that’s not always going to be perceived as cool, but cool isn’t something that you have to send all the time.

All right, gents. Are you ready to be cool? All right. Let me know in the comments down below if I missed anything. And I want you to go check out Degree Seven. I’m going to link to them down in the description. I’m going to have a great discount code for you. They’re a family-owned business and like I said they’re using Carl Zeiss lenses made in Germany, the frames out of Italy. Overall, the packaging is beautiful. I got this case — I have this case now for six months and it’s a great case. I use it again and again. It fits the glasses perfectly, but overall I think it’s the construction, the build. I had one of my daughters, she’s not even 2. She grabbed these glasses probably played with them for awhile and did not break them. I can tell you that’s a big deal to have something that’s actually made from titanium that is bendable and flexible. And, you know, at the same time, I mean looks and feels like a $400 pair of sunglasses and is going for a third of that especially if you use the discount code I provide for you guys.

So, a great company, easily one of my favorite sunglass companies out there and I just love the fact they’re right out of Chicago. So, I also have this color. You know which one you like better, the blacks or this right here? Let me know in the comments. And, guys, go check them out. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. .

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