Welcome back to “Totally True Documentary.” Today, we follow controversial teenage influencer Brianna Boho, to get a glimpse of her daily life. Oh my god *gasp* Oh f***. Am I on queer eye? Oh no Brianna. Um, this is the documentary *inaudible* telling you about Um, they were waiting here for like 6 hours. Oh my god, you guys wanna follow me around Oh my God, my first stalkers. I’m Brianna Boho, bitches! I’m 18 years old, been arrested twice once for public nudity and the other for public nudity I also gained 10,000 subscribers a day So, eat my ass Like, for real, what can’t I do? First off, I own a mansion So, here is where the magic happens backdrop for videos, obviously Merch, posters.. Swipe up šŸ˜‰ And yes, so this is like a creative space and What inspires me to create is like Me I mean like, obviously I mean *inaudible* But yeah, I’m making music speKCifically I make rap Had a convention but somebody died I’m gonna do this with the rest of my life. Yah. Yah. Yah bitch Yah, yah. Yah Who wrote this? This is really good Fans love a good story time about my life.

Like they eat that up. These kids will watch anything dude, like Anything! except for right now My views are kind of trash but, all I’ll have to really do is just like, start another Twitter beef with Vince You probably don’t know who he is. I’m like, way more relevant. Vince DiMaggio a.k.a. ItsYaBoyVD, is an Instagram comedian featured on one of our previous episodes He recently caused controversy when he uploaded a video of himself building fighting robots out of roadkill Yo, yo, yo my lack of empathy makes me look cooler to kids Yeah *knocking* Yo, what up Vince Nation!! It’s ya boy VD Still in the game Killin’ it! Monique, turn that ass around Tag me! Nah, bitch Every time I make a video with Brianna I get at least two million views in a day Gotta milk that cow till’ it’s dry aka make videos with her until she gets UGLY Well, if you want to get Instagram followers too then we’re gonna have to do it that way.

Yeah. Well look the look B, look B I’m not gonna make a response video, unless you give me some like good footage of you being a psycho in public I want a subtweet, a fight video and a response video with like an apology and a comment about my ass Uh, LMAO my ass off, that’s asking way too much. I would never do that in a million years. I Unless you gave me some nudes. NO Maybe Tell you what, we do a live video of us fighting right? Right? Then we do like an apology video and then an Instagram post about how we friends again Shmoney? Shmoney.

Aight, so who’s gonna film this this then? Monique, she’s nothing better to do Oh, word Yah, yah, yah, yah. Okay, you going? Okay, I swear to God if you bring up my nose job – Screw off VD, I’m done. Well, then why you always gotta subtweet me? Is it ’cause you’re jealous of me? No you’re jealous I got clout You’re just jealous cause I have these hot ass extensions while you’re stuck hiding your balding ass head with a hat Yo, B Cut it. B, we can’t talk about the hair. Alright? It’s sensitive subject to me aight? Okay. Roll it again Oh yeah VD? Oh yeah VD? Oh yeah? Well, watch this! Oh my god, Monique! Stop playing dead to keep retention! Nobody cares if you die Yo… this bitch dead After the public outrage over Monique’s death, Brianna took a week off from YouTube, then came back with an anti-killing your friend video.

I have learned so much about how my actions cause the problems that I cause with my actions and it was a lot of problems when I Accidentally killed my not very close friend accidentally So, I’m talking to other people who have also accidentally killed their friends So, you killed your friend? Yeah. We were in a car Wow. Wow! And then out of no where it just like – That’s so deep.

That’s so deep Yeah, it was unbelievable. I just couldn’t not – Don’t accidentally kill your friends. I will carry this pain with me for the rest of my life and this, has changed me forever Raaaaawrrr getting it raspyyyy It brings my voice box back down to its raspiness, so now I gotta go Oh my god not the fireplace again! Monique? Monique. Okay, so let’s move on to the kitchen. It’s mostly gushers Whoa, uh oh Where am I supposed to go in here? Yo, do you remember how we got in here? I’m lost. Oh it feels like gummy bears and vodka! Do I look okay? Yeah *laughter* Yo, what’s up guys, this is Brianna Boho Thank you so much for watching my video! if you guys want to watch the secret to instagram comedy, hit that box on the left And if you want to watch rappers in 2018, hit that box on the right

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