Ciao a tutti e bentornati sul mio canale. Il mio nome è Alexa Losey e oggi Vi insegneró come poter diventare una star di instagram Non sto dicendo che sono Kim K, ma nella media potrei dire che sono abbastanza famosa su instagram E per questo ho pensato di essere praticamente qualificata per raccontarvi trucchi e suggerimenti su come anche voi, potete essere famosi su instagram. Primo punto Creare un tema impeccabile. Avere un tema è estremamente importante Immagini da tumblr che magari non hanno la giusta quantità di pixel Avete estremamente torto Your feed should look cohesive and flawless. I do you understand that it’s hard to achieve a flawless feed, when you’re by yourself and you don’t have much help Which is why I suggest photoshoots.

You should always be busy with photoshoots, because you want to make sure you’re posting a lot of content I’m lucky and I live in LA where there’s a lot of Instagram photographers that literally specialize their entire life in taking pictures of other Instagrammers But if you live somewhere else or you don’t have access to these Instagram photographers You can have shoots of basically anybody. Your best friend, your mom, your brother anyone. You gotta take these Instagram shoots seriously If your friend asks you to hang out And you have a shoot the next day with your mom, you best believe you’re going to be canceling those plans cause you have to look fresh and well-rested. Step number three is to make your life look perfect.

Who wants to see someone that’s actually struggling? Uh, no one as far as the internet’s concerned you feel no emotion but happiness, you drink nothing but perfectly aesthetic looking lattes, and the only food that you eat are things that look great! Here’s the thing, you can take photos of ice cream But you better not be eating them if you wanna be posting pictures of your ass any time soon Step number four: make sure you only hang out with other famous Instagramers even if you hate them luckily for my friends I really like them, and they just coincidentally happen to be Instagram famous, too. So I’m really fortunate when it comes to that But you know you got to do what you got to do and even if someone’s a horrible human being You got to collaborate.

You know you have to make sure you’re posting at least once a day. I don’t care if you’re in the hospital I don’t care if your dog died. I don’t care what kind of time you were going through, Your followers don’t need to know either, as far as we’re concerned your life is perfect And no one needs to know anything else Only drink box water Who drinks out of a reusable water bottle? Not me! Who drinks out of a glass? Not me! Who drinks out of a plastic bottle? Definitely, not me! Make sure you’re only drinking box water because that’s the only water that actually looks aesthetically pleasing on Instagram The next step into becoming instagram famous is to make sure you can find photo shoots in your everyday life. Walking down the street Photoshoot! See a cool wall? Photoshoot! You have to keep up on your creative content. Let’s get with it.

You want to make sure that every outfit you wear coordinates You want to make sure if you’re taking pictures with friends that your outfits are cohesive Like your feet should be and then every outfit that you wear is completely on point. You also want to make sure you find one of these. This is Brandon Sab. He takes every single one of my Instagram photos, Which is why they’re all perfect and flawless.

You can get your own personal photographer It’s extremely important. The next step into becoming an Instagram sensation is to make sure your house is Instagrammable. I am talking candle budgets on Diptyque. I’m talking all white bedspread I’m talking dream catchers, record players, records, All of the above. Also if you don’t own a polaroid camera, why do you even have an Instagram account? The next rule is to take this all extremely seriously I can’t hold it together anymore, this is such bullshit No, honestly for real. Let’s take a step back. This entire video is a joke, if your goal is to become Instagram famous, Reevaluate your whole life. Being instagram famous is literally nothing. It means nothing in the grand scheme of life. So live your life Be happy don’t give a crap about the numbers It doesn’t mean anything and just enjoy yourself look at social media as a creative outlet don’t look at it as a place to gain a fame or a following, because trust me as someone that’s instagram famous It doesn’t make you any happier So I hope you guys enjoy this extremely cynical, horrible view on social media If you guys want to see more from me don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

I’m usually not this horrible and You guys are the best just remember to stay positive And to always live in the moment as much as you can and I’ll see you guys next time bye .

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