Things that GUYS HATE

what is up my little family hope you are all doing amazing now guys as a relationship counselor I have learned the rest of things of these girls do with that really other guys so are you doing one of these things without even realizing that secretly it’s making the guys in your life like cringe and you totally have no idea that it’s a complete turnoff for that well in this video guys I am setting the record straight I’m giving the top set of things that protune that guys just hate now if you guys are new to actually obviously is that big subscribe button down below and I’m currently doing a giveaway for a Kylie cosmetics lip kit in the shade of Kandy K these those gifts are so cute so all you have to do to enter is be subscribed a skin really here on you do that follow me on Instagram right here that are you guys ready are you ready for like these top secret things I guys actually hate let’s get right into this video number one is when your beauty routine it takes too long just for the record ladies I think this one is totally unfair I personally disagree with this because I know that most guys still think that this is no makeup and it probably took this model like an hour to a-team this very natural look many guys think that we just get out of the shower in the morning brush our teeth and walk out the door Olivia my number two is fake crying I have personally witnessed people in all genders had hippie pitch when they don’t get their way you said you watch the bathroom right with me tonight crocodile fears I didn’t know over text message or even giving them the silent treatment mmm you did you said it and I was just an unattractive behavior of period number three guys absolutely hate it when we have girls faces they are psychic a guide I’m Holyfield APIs like absolutely 100% totally you can’t feel this was Nathan so there’s this one time early on in our relationship where we went to a wedding and when he saw me he didn’t make any comment about like the dress I was wearing or he didn’t tell me that I look nice and this really got to me I did following me and it upset me so much but I didn’t actually tell him it upset me I just allowed myself to get more angry and angry and at one point in the wedding I actually went into the bathroom and cried a little bit and the stall with guys in specially you just have to assume if they need a little bit of guidance and that guidance is communication so if you use it you will not end up in the situation like itís the poor thing that guys needs the girls do is when you’re totally distracted on your phone and this completely goes both ways studies actually proven that the number one dating child is when someone is distracted by what’s going on on their phone and to me this isn’t hard to see why it is so hard to feel important when someone actually chooses checking a notification over spending quality face-to-face time with you my Instagram feed is on point this week it kind of reveals their priority that it shows you that you’re not really that important to them just got another way and this really buzzed guys especially if this is a romantic interest or is what we think a person wants to feel important once they feel like do you want to be there with them and listen to what they have to say I mean isn’t that the homework of all relationships but this thing that guys hate that we as girls tend to do is when we pretend to like something a lot and resented straight interested and asked a lot of questions about it whether the truth is that we actually don’t like that thing at all I have never really taken images and now we pretend the present you know how much I love hockey for the sake of getting that person to like us more or for the stage of impressing that person when really that behavior is not true to our own selves at all not only is it something we should avoid doing anyway just because it’s not that honest but if your crush find out that you are making interesting something is a huge turnoff and trust me guys will secretly commiserate with each other about when girls do just because it bothers them so whole lot number 65 this one is so bad I see so many times with girls and houses to the people that they’re dating it is when we talk about other guys or roles that we’ve had a romantic or sexual history with Amina as you should never be ashamed by your sexual past obviously that is that they missed your right to decide but nothing is masculine so partner faster than hearing about all of the conflicts that you’ve had in your life so when you talk about past partners and you include all of those touring and graphic details not only about really Korean worthy but also send a clear message of you’re not special and now my friends is a message that guys really do hate I’m sorry now finally we have made at the end the sexting that guy hates that girl’s you is when we call another girl a bit huh us might be shopping you just heard asked Kimberly say the word bitch but it’s for the purposes of this video you guys I’m telling you nothing is worse in the eyes of a vibe and being patty and feeling the need compare somebody’s dick but I think there’s also an unfair societal aspect to this one in that we have been conditioned as women to compete for a guy’s attention and thus when another woman threatens us we instinctively feel the urge to tear her down and call her names glutton bitch slut or all of those things as a way of devaluing her in our guys eyes this is a terrible thing to do for women kind but it has been used as like a survival mechanism well women to kind of compete with each other so it’s been totally accepted that women are pitted against each other for the sake of winning a guy’s attention and then attach them to that guy guys we are so lucky to live in the world of eating today but I still think as a society we have the crowbar to come now I want to hear in the comments guys what drives you crazy did you love this video give it a huge 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