Cool Facts About Monkeys | THINGS YOU WANNA KNOW

Get ready fourth thing you want to know check this out did you know that there are over 300 different types of monkeys on world from the world’s smallest ape the pygmy marmoset weighing as little as four ounces do the world’s largest monkey the mandrill weighing as much as seventy seven pounds and it’s not just the dimensions of the their own bodies that make monkeys so unique make the proboscis monkey for example known for its extra-long nose or the spider monkey with extremely long wings in a posterior some apes have prehensile fannies I am sure you’re like what’s that it’s another extremity that behaves just like an weapon which establishes it easy in order to be allowed to slip through the jungle it’s also the easiest way to tell apes and apes apart sometimes they can be flustering apes have posteriors and apes don’t even though they’re both members of the primate family and family is everything to apes their social organisation is how they prosper monkey armies work together to find menu care for their young and protect one another but they likewise fraternize through definitely sounds like geladas who communicate with complex vocal dins and cheeks Max and howler monkeys who are so thunderous they can be heard up to three miles away monkeys are pretty awesome the government had big personalities and a life of the party wherever they start

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