Hello friends! Today, we looking like a skunk snack. I wore this cap on my other channel, and everybody’s like, why she look like a skunk I’ve seen a multitude of skunks before in real life, and let me tell you, they hella cute. But anyways, I got some more lovely dumb parties for you today. You know, you adore person when you save their texts, and reread them when no one is watching. Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe like to remind you that? I so do this. Marilyn Monroe died before text messaging was developed. Text messaging was developed in the 1980 s. Someone truly envisioned Marilyn Monroe built that paraphrase up. You know what it probably was? It was one of those pictures of Marilyn Monroe on Tumblr, and it had that quote on it. Why is there a zero birthday candle? It’s not like you turn 0, dumb ass This is amusing, because it’s so sincere. Somebody was so hecking stupid that it didn’t occur to them that there is a 10, and a 20, and a 30, and a 40, and a 50! Numbers can end with zero. It’s not just zero. Mind-blowing, I know.

Where can I get a birth specificate if lost mine? You can’t. You are simply born once. Sorry, dude your fucked. Mmm. What’s worse than a heartbreak? Nining leven. bitch xdxdxd Nining leven. Nining leven. Nining leven is worse. I don’t know how to spell it. But it’s that shit where the planes controlled into them fortress. Remove your accounting. Oh , no , no , no. No, honey. When it’s your turn to do the dishes, and all the container in the members of this house are soiled, except this one.( wtf) I’m done. Goodbye! Homegirl Taylor over here really made ramen noodles in the TOILET. It was the only bowl that wasn’t dirty.

Literally the dirtiest container in private households, and she eating it extremely !!! Wifey material right here. But also, that marriage ain’t going to last very long. Once he ascertains out where those noodles came from. I don’t get why Korean celebrate Christmas, when Jesus is not Korean. You American wannabes! I don’t even know what to say, meditating is not merely Americans celebrate Christmas? xD You unseasoned swine. My momma and I have tried Lion. It wasn’t too bad, savoured like pork. But isn’t something we were able to order on a platter. Lion, for lunch! Y’all dumb for this. It literally says PORK LOIN. They misspelled loin, and they’re like, we had lion for lunch. You had loin , not lion.( Wtf) The fuck you go get a lion at your local cafe.

They’re endangered. Men, there’s lion raises or something? Like you can’t ingest lion, unless you literally go to the jungle, hunt one down. If you are able to, which you probably can’t. Or compensate person thousands and thousands of dollars to do it, and get you some meat. But ain’t nobody eating lions. Oh no! First date on the number of jobs. Wifey determining some lemon irrigate. Hammered it xdxd Just introduced those bad boys in the liquid,( Bam) Lemon water! They ain’t wrong. So the girl child affixed some selfies together. Y’all sleepin on us like y’all came insomnia. Let’s not use terms that we don’t know the meaning of. If you got insomnia, it means you can’t sleep. So then, they’re not actually sleeping on y’all. I blaspheme, people do anything for a good quote on their portraits. Okay, while we’re here, can we talk about captions on photos? I watch girls affixed like very Terribly exposing photos.

And then for the caption, they affix some inspirational quote, like Gandhi or somethig. Like, you must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are grime, the atlantic provinces does not become unclean. Too, retain to be yourself. I believe in you. XD Where they do in that sink booty pose. XDXDXD Like why ?!? Don’t try to be all inspirational. Y’all titties and plunders. Ain’t inspirational. I can’t today. I have to finish some aarons. Who is Aaron? And why are there more than one Aaron? I know they met errands. E-R-R–AN-D-S! I symbolize, I suspect when you say it, it kind of does sound like Aarons, like multiple Aarons. I’m gonna pass some errands. Aarons. Errands. They voiced the same. Don’t ever eat raw cookie dough, FDA told. I’m still chewing it. I don’t care if I get salmon vanilla. Okay, that’s a little worse than Aarons.

Salmon vanilla. Okay. Salmonella. Salmon vanilla. Close enough, right? Xd These people wild. I detest grapes. They outrage me. Would they be saying, ayo, this human, he got some surly teeth. Oh, his breathe terrible very. He ugly. Okay, intelligible. Now, we know what he dislikes grapes. I wouldn’t like it a fruit hatred me either. Haha! My mothers are likely gonna buy a flaming young and a patty. What the heck is Flaring young? Please don’t tell me you planned filet mignon. Flaming young. I affection igniting young, and you are familiar with the side of mashed potato. He’s talking about that flaring young cow. We adoration flaring young cow. Are you black or carry bean? What is carry bean? Omg! Carry bean. Those islands near America, duh? You know, Carry bean, where they carry the beans. Oh this buster meant Caribbean, but carry bean. Xd I’m so glad I’ve never met anybody this dumb.

: 0 And if the working day comes that I do, I want to yeet them so far out of my life, real quick. If you inhale marinara, delight feel free to unfriend me. Sorry. I exclusively smoked mozzarella. Tripping on some ranch right now. Y’all hear that people? Any of you inhale marinara, unfriend! Why smoke it when you can eat it. Does anybody else detest it when they get Day Jaw Food? It’s really harassing to me. I detest it. It’s like the worst “when youve got” Day Jaw Food. When during the day, you get food stuck in your jaw. We detest epoch jaw food. Why y’all enact like the nations of the world just now getting messed up? What about bondage? The Hall of cost. Pick up a diary. Get some acquaintance. The Hall of Cost, and telling beings to pick up a record. I speculation this do what accuse it on autocorrect too.

Feasting on my chicken parmajohn. We adore some chicken parmajohn. No, in fact, to be honest, I have only masterberdated less than 10 occasions in my life. Don’t know. It’s still not set until I die. So yeah. Masterberdated. Uh-huh. xd I view. Black girls mad theair humen want my curvy form. Clapping Emoji. xd Theair mortals can have you. The breeze. Curvy body, but that intelligence flat. Wait till you tell her there’s three ways to spell their. Guys, I have some story for you. I’m having kids. OMG. This is happiest date of “peoples lives”. I’m gonna be like Octomom, but with kids. Whore, that’s a thermometer. But that wants … She peed on it. Y’all annoying for this.

Y’all gotta be trolling. I can’t believe somebody’s this foolish. Drunk Florida man tries to use Taco as ID after his car catches fire at Taco Bell. Classic. Xdxd Tacos are not recognized as law different forms of identification to the State of Florida. Y’all at it again. Gotta hinder that stature up. So he passed out in the drive thru of a Taco Bell, his vehicle caught on fire, as if his epoch couldn’t get any worse. Dedicate the man a escape. So the police came and asked for his ID, and all he had was a taco. It could have burned in the car. He’s giving you a peace offering. Please do not arrest me. Here’s a taco. A $160 parking ticket. F U Virginia Beach. Nice, how quickly? Did you just asked me how fast I was going on a parking ticket? The point that they were like, oh, you got a ticket, neat. That’s great. xd Good hassle! xdxd Very proud of you.

Xdxdxd How tight? Um, excuse me, sir. I don’t think that’s how you supposed to do it. He set the shaving cream on the razor, and then shaves. Is this guy stupid, or is he actually a genius, and this is how you’re supposed to do it?: o I don’t know. I never tried it, so I can’t really tell you. Comment below, what do you think? Okay. I want to know what this guy is doing, bathing his vehicle when it is pouring outside. Comprise on. Let me precisely get the discern real quick. And he gonna stand outside, get drenched in the rain trying to move this car. How long does it have to rainfall before he discovers the rainfall? Stay outside and you’ll get sick. He is dumb as Does anyone know what this pill is? Pink rectangular tablet with the ID “ZED” on it. Google doesn’t show any results. I attained it in my son’s chamber, and I’m very concerned. Oh , no, we got a concerned parent over here. Epic gamer minute. When you flip-flop it, and catch out that it is a PEZ. It is a PEZ candy. ZED. What are you talking about? Flip it around and you got P-E-Z, PEZ.

I made these with my iPhone X. Camera quality, so surreal. It’s like Leonardo DiCaprio depicted them. Oh my God, Leonardo DiCaprio, best craftsmen of all time. It all constructs smell now. That’s why that fucking’ in Titanic missed him to suck her. Not to be confused with award-winning actor Leonardo DaVinci. Nah man, you got it bad. Leonardo DiCaprio, he did all those covers. What country doesn’t have the letter A in its name? Kansis. Oops. I made trucky. London. Y’all fools. Trucky, you know that’s what I am. I’m truckish. Wait, does that make Thanos is truckish? He’s from Trucky. Inspecting to purchase a kitten under $10. Must be in mint condition. What is mint necessity? And 10 dollars? I have a pitch-black baby. Gazing for a kitten, but thanks. It’s a kitten JAJAJAJ: v He genuinely thought it was a real baby.

I real pitch-black child. In spate circumstance, under $10. Wow, what a batch. Cast me a photo of your passport when you can. Online check-in is available to our flights. He certainly mailed a picture of the figurehead of the passport. What am I gonna do with it? I need your information to diary the flight. I could have Googled the figurehead of a passport, and learn what that looks a lot like. What’s the point of a passport? Why are you screaming? There was nothing in this nature that faults me more than folly. I can’t handle it sometimes. Study procures million Americans anticipate chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Study finds that million Americans are foolish as (…) xd.

Be honest, mention below. Did you think chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Like dangerously, CHOCOLATE MILK, it came from brown cow. If you dead ass thought that, criticism below. If you are not an idiot, and know that chocolate is added to regular milk to conclude chocolate milk, leave a like. I’m not judging. Why boys can’t prom? Yoo, you’re gonna have to come over to pick out the croissant for prom. The what? The croissants. Epic gamer moment! When he picks out the croissant for prom. Was it called a corsage or something? Corsage. Croissant. I’ve never even been to prom, and I know what it is. Xd How do I communicate with blind people? Like apparently, there’s Braille, but is there some word of sounding I can do with my tongue to simulate Braille verbally? Edit: Nevermind, you can exactly talk to them. Yes. Yes, sir. You can talk to them. Now your eyes.

Here your ears. Here’s your mouth. Three different things. Anyone know any rescue situates open late tonight in Defiance? A mother bird removed its baby bird on my hall, and she never came back and got it. This is horrible. But I’m sorry to tell you, that bird, he long dead. She yeeted her fetus out of the nest, and now he was you yeeted from the world. But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below. Tell me know which one was the dumbest. If this video acquired “youre feeling” a little smarter, make sure you punched that like button the face! And make sure you agree, participate the wolf pack.

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