How to Teach Your Dog and Cat to Get Along

How to teach your puppy and feline to get along the right time to teach a puppy and feline to get along is when one are both are being introduced into the family for the first time you will be required to a bird-dog and cat a box for each animal bird-dog and feline gives and puppy and feline dolls step 1 some bird-dogs are more likely than others to harm felines learn what you can about a dog’s personality before introducing one residence you already have a dog assessing their nature before establishing a cat to assist the animal who’s been with you longer adjust avoid passing the brand-new animal the run of the house right away pace 2 supervise the prologue with one or both animals crated tell each one smell an item belonging to the other if you’re introducing a puppy to your “cat-o-nine-tail” support the puppy and make the “cat-o-nine-tail” reek it do not view the cat gradation 3 cater considers and playthings so the swine affiliate this together day with a delightful know-how gradation 4 intention the visit if things get too bumpy say no and separate the swine step 5 feed your feline out of reach of the dog so the dog won’t eat the cats menu gradation 6 increase the length of administered trips as your domesticateds make progress continue reinforcing them with considers and play if everything goes well you can expect to reach your goal within three to four weeks step 7 enjoy your one big happy household you’ve laid the foundation for your domesticateds to be lifelong friends did you know felines necessary more protein in their foods than pups do you

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