Let’s teach a Kitten to Walk On a Leash! Kitten School tutorial

Hi there welcome to Kitten Schoo! l So I certainly hope you’ll experience this video … it was so much enjoyable to constitute! I am going to show you how I schooled one of my foster pussies – not this one- how to walk on a leash. Lolita here is about 4 months old-time. When she was just a couple of weeks old-time she lost batch in her right look from an infection. I knew right away she was really, really smart. She taught herself how to go in and out of the feline entrance, and she really has that real desire to learn. She’s very curious, so I made she would be the perfect campaigner to teach to stroll on a leash.

The only harness I had around the house was for an adult cat, so I worked a binder excerpt to help it fit. At first the harness feels very strange to Lolita, and she kind of flounder a little bit … you can see here by her lashing fanny that she’s a bit disturbed by this unusual statu. But if anyone is up for a challenge it’s Lolita, and she is soon up again.

And the more she treads, the easier it gets. Formerly Lolita had some rehearsal wearing the harness and was going ordinarily, I clipped on a lightweight rein. If she got stuck I just simply reached down and kind of spurred her to stroll along. Now, I knew Lolita was smart but she picked up moving on the leash really fast! I was so proud of her. After a couple of daylights of strolling on the leash around the house I decide it’s time to take Lolita outside. After a few minutes of rolling in the grass Lolita is ready to go exploring! When we get out to the sidewalk Lolita really starts to get into her stride. Lolita is cruising right along, but I ever give her stop when she wants to watch a lizard or some other various kinds of alluring distraction.

I crave her to have fun! Now that Lolita is leash trained she knows how have all the safety and benefit of being an indoor cat while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Lolita is getting accepted so she’ll be leaving Kitten School soon, and I’m really gonna miss her. But I know this little girl is gonna constitute her new house incredibly glad! Thanks for watching! If you liked the video made that SUBSCRIBE button and connect the Kitten School category … bye-bye!.

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How to Teach Your Dog and Cat to Get Along

How to teach your puppy and feline to get along the right time to teach a puppy and feline to get along is when one are both are being introduced into the family for the first time you will be required to a bird-dog and cat a box for each animal bird-dog and feline gives and puppy and feline dolls step 1 some bird-dogs are more likely than others to harm felines learn what you can about a dog’s personality before introducing one residence you already have a dog assessing their nature before establishing a cat to assist the animal who’s been with you longer adjust avoid passing the brand-new animal the run of the house right away pace 2 supervise the prologue with one or both animals crated tell each one smell an item belonging to the other if you’re introducing a puppy to your “cat-o-nine-tail” support the puppy and make the “cat-o-nine-tail” reek it do not view the cat gradation 3 cater considers and playthings so the swine affiliate this together day with a delightful know-how gradation 4 intention the visit if things get too bumpy say no and separate the swine step 5 feed your feline out of reach of the dog so the dog won’t eat the cats menu gradation 6 increase the length of administered trips as your domesticateds make progress continue reinforcing them with considers and play if everything goes well you can expect to reach your goal within three to four weeks step 7 enjoy your one big happy household you’ve laid the foundation for your domesticateds to be lifelong friends did you know felines necessary more protein in their foods than pups do you

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How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

All privilege. Fine, Jackson, fine. You told me all about declawing and how terrible it. Is And fine, fine, I won’t declaw my “cat-o-nine-tail”. My “cat-o-nine-tail” is still wrecking my home. My “cat-o-nine-tail” is scratching up my furniture. My feline is scratching me. I don’t want my cat to scratch. Now what do I do? Well, calm down Sleepless in Scratchville. It’s time to get catified. If you watched episode about declawing, you know exactly where I fall on the matter. I signify, I stirred myself pretty clear, right? Don’t do it. Don’t do it. It’s inhumane, it’s cruel, it’s unusual, it’s unnecessary. And it rarely works in solving behavioral difficulties. It generally stimulates other ones crop up.

And did I tell you it suffers? You said, find. And you said it in loud, loud ways. I entail, thank you by the direction, people. The direction you’re coming out, crew Cat Mojo in force, right? How do you live with a cat and her claws? Well, I’m going to tell you it. There’s a few things we have to bear in mind. Scratching is a necessary for cats. It’s not a indulgence. Cats is therefore necessary to, first and foremost, practise the top part of their body. It’s a nice way to grab something and pull down and get that practice. Also, it’s a really important part of marking province. Now recollect, Cat Mojo 101. Cats is therefore necessary to own places. If they don’t own places, they become very, extremely insecure and anxious, and they act out in other lanes. If it is a necessary, if “cat-o-nine-tails” do need to scratch, well then, exactly what we we going to do about that? The first thing that we do is trim their nails. You take either a nail trimmer or a human fingernail clipper, or the ones that they sell in the storages that are more like systems, whatever suits your fancy.

You press the cat’s pad. And boink, out comes the nail. All you’ve got to do is taken away from the gratuity. You don’t have to taken away from that persona where the cherry-red gratifies the white. You don’t have to worry about hurting them that style. You don’t worry about “whats called” quicking them, which is hitting that blood supply and inducing everyone unhappy. Just bump, and it’s done. It’s also the approach, folks.

Just act as if you’re just ambling up and you’re say hi. And things will get much, much easier. Likewise, get caught napping. I intend, when your cat’s sleeping or just waking up, you’re having a lazy minute together. You can have clippers by the side of your couch. All you’re doing is getting the nail out and clipping. If every time you touch your cat’s paws, they’re going to get clipped? Then they’re not going to let you do it. So associate it with positive things, a nice quiet occasion. And then maybe you merely get one fingernail while you’re sitting there. That’s fine. Because during the course of a pair periods, you’ll get them all. The next thing that we want to start thinking about is where they’re scratching. Remember, it’s territorially important. There’s two human fragrance soakers– your couch and your bunk. Where do you expend the most part of your time when you get home from job? Your couch and your couch. And that’s where your odor is strong. It’s a scent soaker.

And because of that, your cat is going to want to praise your perfume with theirs. In the evidence, you’ve seen this, I’m sure, a million times. I get redundant. The yes and the no. Behind every no, there has to be a yes. If we don’t want them scratching on the arm of the chair, we have to say, well, this spot is still important. Let’s say you use a product like Sticky Paws. Sticky Paws is double-sided sticky tape that is actually designed not to actually stick to your lounge. But when your feline contacts it, it’s kind of tacky and they don’t like it.

OK, we’ll say no, and set sticky paws down the limb of the couch. But right next door, there has to be a scratching post. There has to be a scratching post that works for them so that they can praise your perfume with them, and leave a visual and scent marker in a territorially crucial area. What makes a good rub post? All privilege, let’s talk about that. The first thing is a nice wide-cut base, because if your cat goes to scratch down and the thing wobbles, well then, the couch wins. Does your “cat-o-nine-tail” prefer corrugated cardboard or sisal lasso or carpeting or natural wood? What is it your cat likes? “Theres lots” of nice scratches out on world markets there. But you’ve got to sometimes look in different places, you are familiar? You don’t want to just go for the first one you encounter, and then get mad when it doesn’t work.

In a situation where you have young children, or if you’re immune compromised, things like that– which in the past were various kinds of passed reasons to declaw a cat– you are able to think of something like Soft Paws. And Soft Paws is a brand name, but there are other ones out there. They’re basically just vinyl nail tips-off. They go on. They don’t hurt , good-for-nothing like that.

And the only downside is that after a month or so, they’re just going to pop off as the nail grows. And then you trim the fingernails and do it again. It is a path that there’s no way that the nails can do any damage. I like that to be sort of a last resort. Because why do it? Why go across all the provocation if you don’t have to? Plus. I like accommodating the raw cat.

We want cats to be confident in the regions that they scratch. We want them to assert themselves territorially. We simply want them to do it in the place that we want them to do it, and not in the place we don’t want them to do it. Don’t forget, you can start this when they’re young. I intend severely, if you are clipping your cat’s claws and imparting them the yes and the no, and they’re a young kid, you will not have a problem as they grow up. And there’s a lot of people out there who are like, why would I compromise for my cat? You know, you’ve got children.

You’ve got spouses and partners. And let me tell you something, the compromise involved with those guys dwarfs the needs of your cat. So listen, if you’ve got to go out there and get a scratching post, you’ve got to put some sticky tape on your sofa, you’ve got to go threw Soft Paws on, you’ve got to clip your cat’s nails. That’s the costs of having a beautiful relation with your “cat-o-nine-tail”. It is an invaluable relation, and beautiful in every single way.

Now you know everything that you need to know– the basics, anyway– on inducing sure that your furniture and the person or persons in your home abide safe while keeping your cat’s claw intact. Now, in the meantime folks, you can find me anywhere, right? Anywhere and everywhere. Find me Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, Google +. There’s no excuse. I am all over the place. Be sure to join me on Wednesday, February 5. I’ll answer your questions. And we’re going to talk more about declawing. So stay tuned for more information. But guy, get that on your calendar and do it now. Hey, I’ve got to say it one more hour. Folks, thank you very much so much for the aid that you’re showing that last video that I put out there. It’s getting circulated far and wide. You are telling your friends. We are eventually going to get that content out.

What’s the content? Declawing your “cat-o-nine-tail” is not OK. Anyhow folks, until we speak next time. All light, all adore, all mojo to you. Muah . .

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How I Trained My Cats

Devote me your paw The other one. One more season. The other one. Good boy. Hey guys. So I get a lot of questions about how I instruct my felines for my videos. Actually, the secret is I simply schooled them a paw maneuver and the rest are just something I acquired them get used to so I didn’t really train them. But I will show those very if you want to try some of these with your cats.

So, here’s how I schooled them a paw stunt. It’s nothing complicated. I exactly did this every time I fed them. First, grab their paw and make them get used to me doing that. Then, formerly they get used to it, they will lift up their paw at some detail. Grab it and feed them immediately. If “youve had” more than two cats, having one watch the other one do it seems to help him understand what’s going on. Poki, can I have this paw? Thank you. Can I have the other one, too? Thank you. Poki! Demonstrate me your paw. Thank you. Can I have the other one? Yes! Hand paw Thank you Can I have the other one? Yes Good son. Cats are certainly bizarre, and especially living inside the house they don’t have much leisure aside from what the hell are you give them. So anything new in the house is exciting and interesting for them and they just just wanted to stench it and engage with it. So if you involve your kitty-cats with your prepare by letting them smell the ingredients then it’s entertaining for them to watch what’s going on.

Once they memorize the ingredient, they either lose interest … … or go crazy for it. Since my cats like watching outside, we got them a cage so they could go outside safely. Over duration they got comfy and started trying to explore outside their enclose, so then I started taking them out for walks. They were kind of uneasy first, but they eventually got used to it. There’s a doggie. There’s a doggie coming! You okay? You’re not frightened? Bye bye “Excuse me.” Not a problem. I guess you’re not really scared of doggies, huh? Haku, what are you doing? Aghhh, “re coming in”! Who do you think is gonna clean your organization ?!* exhale* What’s up? Is that feline bite or something?* “cat-o-nine-tail” sneezes* Of trend you have to sneeze!* more cat sneezes* You okay buddy? When Kohaku got used to that, I framed him in the basket of my bike.

He’s pretty laid back for a cat so he didn’t mind and now he enjoys being in the basket and going for motorcycle razzs with me. Of direction all felines have differing identities and some may not ever be comfortable going outside. Our feline Poki gets really stressed out by gondola moves so I don’t make him with me. Some felines also startle readily and may run off if they suddenly get scared. It’s important to pay attention to how your feline is exertion and not push him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Even if your cat doesn’t like going for strolls or watching you concoct, he possibly has temperament caprices that do him unique in other methods. Nagi likes to play retrieve with plastic wrappers.* whistle* Bring it back! Poki … is just Poki. Try playing with your cat in different ways and you might find something unique that he or she enjoys! Thank you for watching! Poki, give me your paw. Okay, okay. You really miss menu! All right . .

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Cool Facts About Monkeys | THINGS YOU WANNA KNOW

Get ready fourth thing you want to know check this out did you know that there are over 300 different types of monkeys on world from the world’s smallest ape the pygmy marmoset weighing as little as four ounces do the world’s largest monkey the mandrill weighing as much as seventy seven pounds and it’s not just the dimensions of the their own bodies that make monkeys so unique make the proboscis monkey for example known for its extra-long nose or the spider monkey with extremely long wings in a posterior some apes have prehensile fannies I am sure you’re like what’s that it’s another extremity that behaves just like an weapon which establishes it easy in order to be allowed to slip through the jungle it’s also the easiest way to tell apes and apes apart sometimes they can be flustering apes have posteriors and apes don’t even though they’re both members of the primate family and family is everything to apes their social organisation is how they prosper monkey armies work together to find menu care for their young and protect one another but they likewise fraternize through definitely sounds like geladas who communicate with complex vocal dins and cheeks Max and howler monkeys who are so thunderous they can be heard up to three miles away monkeys are pretty awesome the government had big personalities and a life of the party wherever they start

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Hello friends! Today, we looking like a skunk snack. I wore this cap on my other channel, and everybody’s like, why she look like a skunk I’ve seen a multitude of skunks before in real life, and let me tell you, they hella cute. But anyways, I got some more lovely dumb parties for you today. You know, you adore person when you save their texts, and reread them when no one is watching. Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe like to remind you that? I so do this. Marilyn Monroe died before text messaging was developed. Text messaging was developed in the 1980 s. Someone truly envisioned Marilyn Monroe built that paraphrase up. You know what it probably was? It was one of those pictures of Marilyn Monroe on Tumblr, and it had that quote on it. Why is there a zero birthday candle? It’s not like you turn 0, dumb ass This is amusing, because it’s so sincere. Somebody was so hecking stupid that it didn’t occur to them that there is a 10, and a 20, and a 30, and a 40, and a 50! Numbers can end with zero. It’s not just zero. Mind-blowing, I know.

Where can I get a birth specificate if lost mine? You can’t. You are simply born once. Sorry, dude your fucked. Mmm. What’s worse than a heartbreak? Nining leven. bitch xdxdxd Nining leven. Nining leven. Nining leven is worse. I don’t know how to spell it. But it’s that shit where the planes controlled into them fortress. Remove your accounting. Oh , no , no , no. No, honey. When it’s your turn to do the dishes, and all the container in the members of this house are soiled, except this one.( wtf) I’m done. Goodbye! Homegirl Taylor over here really made ramen noodles in the TOILET. It was the only bowl that wasn’t dirty.

Literally the dirtiest container in private households, and she eating it extremely !!! Wifey material right here. But also, that marriage ain’t going to last very long. Once he ascertains out where those noodles came from. I don’t get why Korean celebrate Christmas, when Jesus is not Korean. You American wannabes! I don’t even know what to say, meditating is not merely Americans celebrate Christmas? xD You unseasoned swine. My momma and I have tried Lion. It wasn’t too bad, savoured like pork. But isn’t something we were able to order on a platter. Lion, for lunch! Y’all dumb for this. It literally says PORK LOIN. They misspelled loin, and they’re like, we had lion for lunch. You had loin , not lion.( Wtf) The fuck you go get a lion at your local cafe.

They’re endangered. Men, there’s lion raises or something? Like you can’t ingest lion, unless you literally go to the jungle, hunt one down. If you are able to, which you probably can’t. Or compensate person thousands and thousands of dollars to do it, and get you some meat. But ain’t nobody eating lions. Oh no! First date on the number of jobs. Wifey determining some lemon irrigate. Hammered it xdxd Just introduced those bad boys in the liquid,( Bam) Lemon water! They ain’t wrong. So the girl child affixed some selfies together. Y’all sleepin on us like y’all came insomnia. Let’s not use terms that we don’t know the meaning of. If you got insomnia, it means you can’t sleep. So then, they’re not actually sleeping on y’all. I blaspheme, people do anything for a good quote on their portraits. Okay, while we’re here, can we talk about captions on photos? I watch girls affixed like very Terribly exposing photos.

And then for the caption, they affix some inspirational quote, like Gandhi or somethig. Like, you must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are grime, the atlantic provinces does not become unclean. Too, retain to be yourself. I believe in you. XD Where they do in that sink booty pose. XDXDXD Like why ?!? Don’t try to be all inspirational. Y’all titties and plunders. Ain’t inspirational. I can’t today. I have to finish some aarons. Who is Aaron? And why are there more than one Aaron? I know they met errands. E-R-R–AN-D-S! I symbolize, I suspect when you say it, it kind of does sound like Aarons, like multiple Aarons. I’m gonna pass some errands. Aarons. Errands. They voiced the same. Don’t ever eat raw cookie dough, FDA told. I’m still chewing it. I don’t care if I get salmon vanilla. Okay, that’s a little worse than Aarons.

Salmon vanilla. Okay. Salmonella. Salmon vanilla. Close enough, right? Xd These people wild. I detest grapes. They outrage me. Would they be saying, ayo, this human, he got some surly teeth. Oh, his breathe terrible very. He ugly. Okay, intelligible. Now, we know what he dislikes grapes. I wouldn’t like it a fruit hatred me either. Haha! My mothers are likely gonna buy a flaming young and a patty. What the heck is Flaring young? Please don’t tell me you planned filet mignon. Flaming young. I affection igniting young, and you are familiar with the side of mashed potato. He’s talking about that flaring young cow. We adoration flaring young cow. Are you black or carry bean? What is carry bean? Omg! Carry bean. Those islands near America, duh? You know, Carry bean, where they carry the beans. Oh this buster meant Caribbean, but carry bean. Xd I’m so glad I’ve never met anybody this dumb.

: 0 And if the working day comes that I do, I want to yeet them so far out of my life, real quick. If you inhale marinara, delight feel free to unfriend me. Sorry. I exclusively smoked mozzarella. Tripping on some ranch right now. Y’all hear that people? Any of you inhale marinara, unfriend! Why smoke it when you can eat it. Does anybody else detest it when they get Day Jaw Food? It’s really harassing to me. I detest it. It’s like the worst “when youve got” Day Jaw Food. When during the day, you get food stuck in your jaw. We detest epoch jaw food. Why y’all enact like the nations of the world just now getting messed up? What about bondage? The Hall of cost. Pick up a diary. Get some acquaintance. The Hall of Cost, and telling beings to pick up a record. I speculation this do what accuse it on autocorrect too.

Feasting on my chicken parmajohn. We adore some chicken parmajohn. No, in fact, to be honest, I have only masterberdated less than 10 occasions in my life. Don’t know. It’s still not set until I die. So yeah. Masterberdated. Uh-huh. xd I view. Black girls mad theair humen want my curvy form. Clapping Emoji. xd Theair mortals can have you. The breeze. Curvy body, but that intelligence flat. Wait till you tell her there’s three ways to spell their. Guys, I have some story for you. I’m having kids. OMG. This is happiest date of “peoples lives”. I’m gonna be like Octomom, but with kids. Whore, that’s a thermometer. But that wants … She peed on it. Y’all annoying for this.

Y’all gotta be trolling. I can’t believe somebody’s this foolish. Drunk Florida man tries to use Taco as ID after his car catches fire at Taco Bell. Classic. Xdxd Tacos are not recognized as law different forms of identification to the State of Florida. Y’all at it again. Gotta hinder that stature up. So he passed out in the drive thru of a Taco Bell, his vehicle caught on fire, as if his epoch couldn’t get any worse. Dedicate the man a escape. So the police came and asked for his ID, and all he had was a taco. It could have burned in the car. He’s giving you a peace offering. Please do not arrest me. Here’s a taco. A $160 parking ticket. F U Virginia Beach. Nice, how quickly? Did you just asked me how fast I was going on a parking ticket? The point that they were like, oh, you got a ticket, neat. That’s great. xd Good hassle! xdxd Very proud of you.

Xdxdxd How tight? Um, excuse me, sir. I don’t think that’s how you supposed to do it. He set the shaving cream on the razor, and then shaves. Is this guy stupid, or is he actually a genius, and this is how you’re supposed to do it?: o I don’t know. I never tried it, so I can’t really tell you. Comment below, what do you think? Okay. I want to know what this guy is doing, bathing his vehicle when it is pouring outside. Comprise on. Let me precisely get the discern real quick. And he gonna stand outside, get drenched in the rain trying to move this car. How long does it have to rainfall before he discovers the rainfall? Stay outside and you’ll get sick. He is dumb as Does anyone know what this pill is? Pink rectangular tablet with the ID “ZED” on it. Google doesn’t show any results. I attained it in my son’s chamber, and I’m very concerned. Oh , no, we got a concerned parent over here. Epic gamer minute. When you flip-flop it, and catch out that it is a PEZ. It is a PEZ candy. ZED. What are you talking about? Flip it around and you got P-E-Z, PEZ.

I made these with my iPhone X. Camera quality, so surreal. It’s like Leonardo DiCaprio depicted them. Oh my God, Leonardo DiCaprio, best craftsmen of all time. It all constructs smell now. That’s why that fucking’ in Titanic missed him to suck her. Not to be confused with award-winning actor Leonardo DaVinci. Nah man, you got it bad. Leonardo DiCaprio, he did all those covers. What country doesn’t have the letter A in its name? Kansis. Oops. I made trucky. London. Y’all fools. Trucky, you know that’s what I am. I’m truckish. Wait, does that make Thanos is truckish? He’s from Trucky. Inspecting to purchase a kitten under $10. Must be in mint condition. What is mint necessity? And 10 dollars? I have a pitch-black baby. Gazing for a kitten, but thanks. It’s a kitten JAJAJAJ: v He genuinely thought it was a real baby.

I real pitch-black child. In spate circumstance, under $10. Wow, what a batch. Cast me a photo of your passport when you can. Online check-in is available to our flights. He certainly mailed a picture of the figurehead of the passport. What am I gonna do with it? I need your information to diary the flight. I could have Googled the figurehead of a passport, and learn what that looks a lot like. What’s the point of a passport? Why are you screaming? There was nothing in this nature that faults me more than folly. I can’t handle it sometimes. Study procures million Americans anticipate chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Study finds that million Americans are foolish as (…) xd.

Be honest, mention below. Did you think chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Like dangerously, CHOCOLATE MILK, it came from brown cow. If you dead ass thought that, criticism below. If you are not an idiot, and know that chocolate is added to regular milk to conclude chocolate milk, leave a like. I’m not judging. Why boys can’t prom? Yoo, you’re gonna have to come over to pick out the croissant for prom. The what? The croissants. Epic gamer moment! When he picks out the croissant for prom. Was it called a corsage or something? Corsage. Croissant. I’ve never even been to prom, and I know what it is. Xd How do I communicate with blind people? Like apparently, there’s Braille, but is there some word of sounding I can do with my tongue to simulate Braille verbally? Edit: Nevermind, you can exactly talk to them. Yes. Yes, sir. You can talk to them. Now your eyes.

Here your ears. Here’s your mouth. Three different things. Anyone know any rescue situates open late tonight in Defiance? A mother bird removed its baby bird on my hall, and she never came back and got it. This is horrible. But I’m sorry to tell you, that bird, he long dead. She yeeted her fetus out of the nest, and now he was you yeeted from the world. But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below. Tell me know which one was the dumbest. If this video acquired “youre feeling” a little smarter, make sure you punched that like button the face! And make sure you agree, participate the wolf pack.

I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching Bye guys :’ 3 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack( Lia).

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I need professional help

Alright, I’m out here in Joaquin Miller Park today with my buddy Ian Massey. We’re going to do a little coaching session This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time Get better fundamental skills on the bike I know, I’m not the best Mountain biker And I have no problem saying it. So what are you going to have me do today Ian? (Ian): The idea is to be ready beforehand You want to be offensive not defensive, and that’s what we’re going over today And that’s how everything from drops, jumps, corners – it all progresses from this process So if you’re going into something and and wondering what you’re supposed to do You’re making your job much harder for yourself than it needs to be (Brian): First thing is we wear our helmets So we’re always safe. (Ian): Yes exactly safety first So if you see someone go downhill like this yeah rectus adonis lower abs are turned off. That’s falling Yes, what we do is. We what I call a butt link.

We squeeze our butt Locate our lower abdominals, and we’re falling straight down so a bicycle position is the same thing as a front squat yes, so I want you to come a little bit farther forward and drop those heels there we go, so Deep broken ankles all the time , and that’s what I want you to apply your clip-in pedals okay? So your ride clips like flats until you consciously cheat. Yes I want you to keep your heels down and drop it to a 180 with your pedals keep the heels down Oh see how you got off stable you didn’t have your heels down. Now try it again with your heels down. See how stable you are? You kept weight on the back of your body So if we start by loading the back axle via the pedals and recruiting our bike is always stable whether we’re going uphill or downhill We keep maximum grip, and when we turn we rotate off the back axle not off the center of the bike (yeah) So by having weight there the bars can do whatever they don’t want and it doesn’t negatively affect us Okay, one two three thrust – no, so see you’re pulling with your arms (Yes) We start with our legs (okay), so drive our weight into the bike then pull your arms – one two three So that was still pulling with the arms.

(Okay) And see how your toes went down (yep yep) So that’s those habits. (Yes) Commit to the butt and abs and drive So that’s forward okay drive back and down (okay) so one two three So that’s what we do, but with a little arm pull drop the heels (okay) Straight, hang the arms Okay, so feel that weight. Feel how you’re pushing the bike in front of you. Just start that way We’re so used to pulling and tugging and shifting our body and see how it made the bike jerk? You felt that jerk Yeah, the bike feels that on the trail That’s a loss of stability so simply drive the bike. So we’re just going to – so, standing I’m loading the back of my body, and I’m simply going to thrust The front end up (cool). One two looking ahead, proud stance, one two three thrust heels down Almost, so if you just keep the heels now, it’ll be perfect. (I think so) So this is hard to do on flat ground (It’s just bad habits, yeah) I’m going to put an obstacle in front of you And you’re going to do it right because you’re not – you’re not feeling so well you have no gyro right? Yes Not very stable.

So now We’re going to do it over an obstacle. So I don’t want you to try to clear all these obstacles I want you to just commit to the load, and you’ll see that nothing bad happens. There we go perfect See? You ran right right into a 4-inch log, and absolutely nothing happened. (Brian): And it was like the worst possible timing. (Ian): And it doesn’t matter (Ian): So your foot came off. (Brian): I scared myself with how much I pulled up. (Ian): Well that was a little too much pull. So but the fact you had your heels down and your ass back, do you see the bike didn’t turn? Alright, so this time I want you to not pull at all.

I want you to come in super hot and just sit on the back wheel See it doesn’t matter! (Brian): Then we moved on to bunny hops and this was super frustrating for me because I always cheat with clips so I’m always pulling up my back wheel and Actually having to do a legit bunny hop is going to be a tough thing I’m going to have to practice it. After the bunny hop we just did a bunch of different skills Just all kinds of different stuff It was a really good couple of hours that we just practiced Downhill and hitting big obstacles and rolling over roots and rolling over some really big stuff There’s a big log that we eventually did with we had some cheater Logs underneath at first and then eventually we moved to doing it just straight over the top and it’s something that would have really Intimidated me before.

I’m really happy with Ian and his coaching and his style and everything so it was definitely worth the time and effort and Like like his business card says: “So you’ve got a nice bike. Now what?” whoo Alright, Ian’s really kicked my butt today did all kinds of different skills and it all comes down to loading up having a plan and if you want a plan talk to this guy How do you think I did so far today? (Ian): You did awesome. We broke some some bad habits Still have to work on others, but you have a process now Yeah, and you know it feels right when you do it right.

There’s no questions You look back at me, and you were telling me what you did wrong. , which is what I want. So you can go out and get better on your own. That’s the goal. Yeah, we were just doing turns and I had it down I was doing good, and then like okay turn the camera on we’ll try to do some turns Then I’m like totally discombobulated again, but at least I can know and feel like you said when it’s wrong So a lot to work on I’m happy I’m really glad Ian brought me out here today, and uh – always moving forward; always getting better. That’s what it’s all about Thanks for watching you guys. I’ll see you on the trail. There we go see how good that feels? .

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How to Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a personal journey we’re all going to take different paths but ultimately we’re all in the same Road and we’re doing this together the word confidence is derived from Latin it means with faith with faith in an ability in someone or yourself there are no right or wrong ways to build self-confidence because right and wrong is subjective everyone is on a different path the tips I’m giving you are universal it’s going to help jumpstart your journey tip number one remember that confidence is like a mental muscle like muscle everyone is born with it but not everyone flexes it and if you want your muscles to grow stronger God exercise so here are my exercising tips consciously think positive thoughts especially during moments when you’re feeling down so take a deep breath and remind yourself that life is too short and you got to make the best of it listen to music that will lift your mood a good beat and sound has been proven to help people in a positive way music and sound has been known to help the growth of plants that says a lot you want to have a healthy habit of maintaining this mental muscle but you also don’t want to overdo it everything in moderation balance is key it’s good to remind yourself from time to time how worthy and how you know awesome you are but you also want to leave room to grow and improve I mean we can all change and evolve for the better find your qualities instead of focusing on the negative which I know can be hard focus on the positive and it doesn’t have to be a physical thing maybe you’re amazing at Mario Kart or you’re a brilliant pianist an amazing painter a singer you make great grades at school no one is perfect at everything and we’re all made to be perfectly imperfect kind of like this crystal see it’s not perfectly cut like a flawless diamond but it’s beautiful in its own unique way there won’t be another crystal like this one and just like you it has many many facets and you’ll be discovering more of them as time goes by and if you don’t think you have a quality just ask yourself this simple question what am I good at everyone is good at something and if you don’t know what it is well take this opportunity to find it sign up for cooking classes painting classes learn how to sing play some sports pick up on a passion and nurture it because this helps build self-worth it gives you something to do and strive for have a buddy system the journey to building self confidence is not a lonely road essentially everyone is on the same journey find someone you can trust whom you can share your insecurities with it feels good to vent it out and just to get it off your chest and if you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to just go online I mean that’s kind of the beauty of the digital world you could find a forum or a support group for anything and you can go on there and be yourself and share your thoughts your feelings your insecurities without being judged and the best part you’re going to remain anonymous I know it’s tough especially with all these new websites and apps and you know it’s so easy to find a picture or video where it’s going to make you feel insecure about yourself but you have to stop obsessing over the can nots and start focusing on the what can what can I do to improve myself everyone is going to take a different path it may be exercising going back to school coloring your hair getting rid of negative friends I mean as long as you’re physically and mentally not harming the person you love I see no wrong paths to take towards happiness in my last tip pass your wisdom and gifts onto others teaching mentoring and caring for others is the greatest gift you can give to others and yourself not only is the other person going to feel better but you will too loving others will you to love yourself and you know what this journey is not going to be easy there’s going to be times when you’re gonna want to give up you’re gonna feel lost you can’t continue to walk further down this journey and you have to remind yourself that if you want to build self-confidence but you have to stay positive that’s the key there’s this quote I found that I really like and it goes be like a proton and stay positive a positive mind will open more doors don’t just limit yourself to one path take as many as you need until you’ve reached your destination and once you’ve found your confidence enjoy it savor it and when you’re feeling down bring that feeling back into your mind and remind yourself that this is an attitude you own and control you are all perfectly imperfect and at the end of the day this is what makes you special you’re black love ya you

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Things that GUYS HATE

what is up my little family hope you are all doing amazing now guys as a relationship counselor I have learned the rest of things of these girls do with that really other guys so are you doing one of these things without even realizing that secretly it’s making the guys in your life like cringe and you totally have no idea that it’s a complete turnoff for that well in this video guys I am setting the record straight I’m giving the top set of things that protune that guys just hate now if you guys are new to actually obviously is that big subscribe button down below and I’m currently doing a giveaway for a Kylie cosmetics lip kit in the shade of Kandy K these those gifts are so cute so all you have to do to enter is be subscribed a skin really here on you do that follow me on Instagram right here that are you guys ready are you ready for like these top secret things I guys actually hate let’s get right into this video number one is when your beauty routine it takes too long just for the record ladies I think this one is totally unfair I personally disagree with this because I know that most guys still think that this is no makeup and it probably took this model like an hour to a-team this very natural look many guys think that we just get out of the shower in the morning brush our teeth and walk out the door Olivia my number two is fake crying I have personally witnessed people in all genders had hippie pitch when they don’t get their way you said you watch the bathroom right with me tonight crocodile fears I didn’t know over text message or even giving them the silent treatment mmm you did you said it and I was just an unattractive behavior of period number three guys absolutely hate it when we have girls faces they are psychic a guide I’m Holyfield APIs like absolutely 100% totally you can’t feel this was Nathan so there’s this one time early on in our relationship where we went to a wedding and when he saw me he didn’t make any comment about like the dress I was wearing or he didn’t tell me that I look nice and this really got to me I did following me and it upset me so much but I didn’t actually tell him it upset me I just allowed myself to get more angry and angry and at one point in the wedding I actually went into the bathroom and cried a little bit and the stall with guys in specially you just have to assume if they need a little bit of guidance and that guidance is communication so if you use it you will not end up in the situation like itís the poor thing that guys needs the girls do is when you’re totally distracted on your phone and this completely goes both ways studies actually proven that the number one dating child is when someone is distracted by what’s going on on their phone and to me this isn’t hard to see why it is so hard to feel important when someone actually chooses checking a notification over spending quality face-to-face time with you my Instagram feed is on point this week it kind of reveals their priority that it shows you that you’re not really that important to them just got another way and this really buzzed guys especially if this is a romantic interest or is what we think a person wants to feel important once they feel like do you want to be there with them and listen to what they have to say I mean isn’t that the homework of all relationships but this thing that guys hate that we as girls tend to do is when we pretend to like something a lot and resented straight interested and asked a lot of questions about it whether the truth is that we actually don’t like that thing at all I have never really taken images and now we pretend the present you know how much I love hockey for the sake of getting that person to like us more or for the stage of impressing that person when really that behavior is not true to our own selves at all not only is it something we should avoid doing anyway just because it’s not that honest but if your crush find out that you are making interesting something is a huge turnoff and trust me guys will secretly commiserate with each other about when girls do just because it bothers them so whole lot number 65 this one is so bad I see so many times with girls and houses to the people that they’re dating it is when we talk about other guys or roles that we’ve had a romantic or sexual history with Amina as you should never be ashamed by your sexual past obviously that is that they missed your right to decide but nothing is masculine so partner faster than hearing about all of the conflicts that you’ve had in your life so when you talk about past partners and you include all of those touring and graphic details not only about really Korean worthy but also send a clear message of you’re not special and now my friends is a message that guys really do hate I’m sorry now finally we have made at the end the sexting that guy hates that girl’s you is when we call another girl a bit huh us might be shopping you just heard asked Kimberly say the word bitch but it’s for the purposes of this video you guys I’m telling you nothing is worse in the eyes of a vibe and being patty and feeling the need compare somebody’s dick but I think there’s also an unfair societal aspect to this one in that we have been conditioned as women to compete for a guy’s attention and thus when another woman threatens us we instinctively feel the urge to tear her down and call her names glutton bitch slut or all of those things as a way of devaluing her in our guys eyes this is a terrible thing to do for women kind but it has been used as like a survival mechanism well women to kind of compete with each other so it’s been totally accepted that women are pitted against each other for the sake of winning a guy’s attention and then attach them to that guy guys we are so lucky to live in the world of eating today but I still think as a society we have the crowbar to come now I want to hear in the comments guys what drives you crazy did you love this video give it a huge thumbs up make sure you are falling over on Instagram and snapchat of course because that’s where things are really crazy and of course guys subscribe to us and really here on YouTube look for more weekly videos on really

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